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Jack In The Box®Jack In The Box® definitely qualifies as cheap eats, and is notable even in the fast food realm. Once you get beyond the 1993 Ecoli days and the grinning spectre head that haunts their commercials (though some of those commercials are pretty excellent I must say) I’d probably choose Jack In The Box® over many other chains.

First off though, don’t go for any of the pannido babbido or sourdough expensivo. And don’t eat there, pick up your food in the drive through. You’ll save on a drink. So, what you want to do is peruse their 99 cent menu. I can’t remember the entire thing off the top of my head, but suffice to say there are a lot of things you can get that’ll satisfy. Here are some of the choices from the menu:

2 Regular Tacos – I have had people tell me these taste like dog food. It is actually quite delicious but probably hell for your arteries. Supposedly, they buy these babies in bulk and each taco comes pre-sealed. They then pop them in the deep fryer to crisp up and then jam a few shreds of lettuce and sauce into them and call it a taco. It’s still actually quite good. You can get 4 Tacos for 2 bucks which is enough for me for lunch. Oh, remember to always ask for hot sauce because they won’t give it to you if you don’t ask for it. Save those hot sauce packs for a rainy day.

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