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12/14/04 | Souplantation

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SouplantationPeople who’ve been to Souplantation® before will note that this is not the usual Souplantation graphic that is used on the stores. Why? I couldn’t find a handy graphic to use. The only one I could find is the parent company which is Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. who also owns a franchise called “Fresh Tomatoes”, whatever that is.

From the Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp site:

Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. was founded in 1983 and currently operates over 90 salad buffet restaurants in 15 states. The Company seeks to provide fresh wholesome food with a strong emphasis on salads, which are featured on two 55 foot bars that include a wide range of salad offerings featuring three freshly tossed salads as well as a large assortment of fresh cut produce, dressings and toppings and several signature prepared salads. Various offerings include made from scratch soups, a hot pasta bar, a bakery which serves a variety of hot muffins, focaccias and other breads and a dessert bar centered around a frozen yogurt station with toppings complemented by fresh fruits and puddings

I’m almost sad to run Souplantation through the Cheap Eats grinder, because except for COST they hit nearly every other thing that makes a buffet restaurant great squarely on the head. First, it’s damn healthy because the main fare consists of salad and soup. Their salad selection is extensive and their soups have improved beyond the always popular Chicken Noodle and Clam Chowder to include specials and seasonal items like Gumbo and Turkey Pot Pie.

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