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1/24/05 | Skip The Drink

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Glass of WaterTrue cheap eating requires some sacrifices. Or at least they’re sacrifices to most people. I think one of the greatest inflators of restaurant bills are drinks. And never mind the horrors that will be afflicted upon your tab if you get ALCOHOLIC drinks. Damn expensive. Well, at least those get you buzzed. I’m talking about the average soda, iced tea, orange juice or god forbid mineral water. If the price of your lunch is say 5 dollars and you get a dollar soda, you’ve just increased your bill by 20%. Don’t fall into that trap, especialy at a sit down restaurant. Ask for water if it’s available. Or if you aren’t embarassed, bring a drink from home.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking an all you can drink soda is a good bargain at a fast food joint. In actuality, this is where they really clean up on. Sugar water. You’re basically paying a dollar for sugar and water. The average person is only going to get one drink plus a 1/2 cup refill anyhow, unless they’re deliberately trying to waste it. They’re dealing in volume anyhow so it’s not going to hurt them if you drink above the average. Why do you think that combo meals exist? To try and get you to pay for that drink. Skip it.

Sure, if it means THAT MUCH to you, go ahead and get the drink. Like if you’re on a date where you don’t want to look like a total cheapskate. But skip the drink if you’re on your own. You don’t need the sugar anyhow. And whatever you do don’t shell out for bottled water. What are you, a famous actress or something? You’d be surprised how plain that “mountain spring” water really is, or where they actually get it from. I’d rather not tell you myself.

By the way I found out that the “8 glasses a day” mantra touted by a lot of people is actually an urban legend, though I don’t see how it can be BAD to actually drink a lot of water. Beyond having to go to the bathroom; but that’s a whole ‘nother show….

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  1. LasVegan Says:

    It’s true. I’m always looking at value menus when I eat at fast food joints. A perfect example was at Del Taco. I ordered a “Dan’s Deal” which is two tacos and a bean burrito for 2 dollars. I also ordered a drink which was 1.59.. almost as expensive as the meal. Now I just order the meal and bring it home and drink a 25 cent can of soda. A favorite quote of mine: “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”

  2. sarah Says:

    Can you really bring your own drink to a sit down eating establishment?

  3. Dean Says:

    If they give you water with lemon and there is sugar on the table you can make your own lemonade. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra lemon seeing as one slice won’t really do the trick. This won’t work for fast food joints though.

    Also, I don’t know about other states but in Texas it is illegal for a food establishment to deny you ice water. Some will try in hopes of selling you an overpriced drink. Check your state laws on this one.



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