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3/30/05 | Pizza Hut Coupons

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Pizza Hut CouponsI must get Pizza Hut Coupons in the mail nearly every single day. In college, I used to think what a great service this was, bringing me deals on pizza right to my door. If you wanted to order pizza for takeout, you just checked your mail.

In truth, the price of pizza has risen like crazy. And at the same time the SIZE of pizza has shrunk like crazy. And never mind those boring commercials that tout a $5 price for each pizza after the first one from Domino’s Pizza. It’s all about buying in bulk nowadays and screwing customers over with redundant sides (breadsticks? Why would I want extra bread when I can just tear off the crust and eat it!)

Cheap Eats is possible with pizza, but I would say the bottom line is to not order it if you’re eating it by yourself. If you’ve got a room full of 20 people for the Super Bowl then by all means get with the multiple pizzas and use those mailer coupons. The Pizza Hut coupon I’m currently looking at states “$8.99 for a 3 topping Medium Pizza or Specialty Pizza and then a second of equal or less value for $6.” That’s ok… just barely. I would go for large one topping pizzas wherever possible and use coupons that don’t involve any junk like “Quepapas” ($3.99 for 15 Bite sized potato “munchers” filled with cheese. Ripoff.), Breadsticks, Cheesesticks, Hot Wings, or god forbid – drinks. Add-on drinks are the ultimate bane of Cheap Eats.

Whatever you do, don’t NOT use those damn coupons. The prices of those pizzas already have the coupon discounts built into them, so if you don’t use a coupon you’re overpaying. Interestingly, I just found out you can apparently print out quite a few of those same Pizza Hut Coupons online.

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  1. wonthanhnette Says:

    o.0 PIZZZZZZZA!!!yum yam! =]

  2. christy Says:

    we love pizza hut

  3. Bean Says:

    Coming from someone who’s worked for Papa Johns in the past, in most store level positions (from cashier, to cook, to driver, to shift manager, even assistant manager).

    Yes, those coupons are a MUST. Pizza these days is a TOTAL ripoff without them, from the big chains anyway. The actual cost of making a large pizza is anywhere from $2 to $5 depending how much cheese and meats go on it, the rest is pure profit. Some local places are still affordable.

  4. cassie Says:

    acutally, being an employee of pizza hut for almost a year now, most of the customers that we get use cupons…. although i realize that the coupons may only save them 3 or 4 dollars, it still brings in the business… so, i’d say both people come out with a full stomach and a smile on their face! :-P

  5. Joe Spicuzza Says:

    Lately I’ve been going to Little Caesar’s Pizza and picking up one of their $5.00 Hot N’ Ready pizzas for just myself. I eat about 3 or 4 pieces right away and am able to have lunch the next day (cold pizza) without spending any more money… so $2.50 a day for lunch isnt that bad… but you are correct, never buy Soda from them or Breadsticks its a rip off….

  6. james Says:


    I ordered pizza from pizza hut and they tried to rip me off. I had a coupon for buy one large one topping pizza and get the other one for free. When I went to pick up my pizza they told me the price was $19.99 before tax. I said I had a coupon for a buy one get one free. They told me the price was $20.00 for a large one topping pizza. Mean while they had coupons for a one large one topping pizza for $10.99. I walked out and order the pizza from somewhere else. Don’t buy pizza from pizza hut in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, they will rip you off.



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