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Reese's Chocolate Covered CookiesSo I couldn’t find a suitable item to review for Cheap Eats today so I made way to my trusty box of goodies that I recently won off of The Impulsive Buy for inspiration. Hm… Hershey Reese’s COOKIES? Sort of weird to be snarfing cookies, seeing as it’s still 10:00 in the morning. Let alone Chocolate Dipped Cookies with Peanut Butter in them.

Marvo gave them a 5 out of 5 score in his earlier review in March and they were only 99 cents according to him which is a quarter a cookie. Free for me though, hooray says wallet.

Interestingly, he said he bought 2 packs and then reviewed one while freezing the other. I wonder if this is the “other”. =) In that case, I can also comment on how the cookies stand up to freezing as well as the taste.

I’m not even going to get into how bad these things probably are for you, but on the bright side the package proudly states that there are 0 grams of Trans Fat in it. They don’t tout the quantities of the other kinds of fat in them though. Nor the sugar.

Reeses Cookies Unwrapped
Speaking of sugar. Wow. These were super delicious, I mean unbelievably decadent – delicious. But boy were they sweet. Even with some milk to take off the sweet edge. My teeth were almost retracting into my gums to avoid contact.

The picture is a little blurry because my hand was shaking while holding the camera. Because I was drooling in anticipation of chocolate covered cookie goodness…

The cookies came vacuum packed in a foil type package and were surprisingly thinner than I thought. Because of that, I thought there might be some breakage especially after being shipped across the Pacific in a box with a number of other food items jostling them. I guess the air tight packing seems to help, because there wasn’t any breakage. There WAS a bit of meltage, but that’s pretty normal. About half the chocolate on the back of the cookies came off stuck to the paper. But in general, pretty much whole cookies to deal with.

I cut one open to show the inside. You can’t cram a lot of cookie or peanut butter into the middle of these thin guys. The cookie was actually not stale or soft as I expected it might be and it went really well with the peanut butter. I ate two and then had to stop right there before I passed out.

These were actually very pleasing, and I’m sure if E.T. had his druthers he would have eaten these instead of Reese’s Pieces. At a quarter a cookie it’s not as expensive as it might be, though it would take some convincing to get me to buy them at the market.

Cheap Eats Score: 9/10 (free from Impulsive Buy)
Cheap Eats Score: 6/10 (at the supermarket)

7 Responses to “Hershey Reese’s Cookies”

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  1. cybele Says:

    I have had the York ones before and found them to be MUCH better than the Girl Scout thin mints. I just bought the Almond Joy cookies last night and haven’t had a chance to photograph them before munching. If I’d seen the York ones again, I would buy them in a heartbeat.

  2. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    hey cybele – yeah, i think i saw the york review on Candy Blog? Your pictures are awesome by the way… do you use a lightbox to take pics?

  3. Marvo Says:

    When these first came out they were SOOOOOO hard to find, but now I see them everywhere, especially in the family pack. Thank goodness because 99 cents for four cookies is kind of expensive.

  4. theWife Says:

    did you save me one???

  5. cybele Says:

    Marvo – Thanks! I have an odd setup for my photos – I use my office. The building across the street has a white roof and white stucco walls so it’s the perfect bounceboard. If I pull up all the blinds my office is VERY bright.

    I just take some large sheets of ledger office paper and tape them to the wall and curve onto the desk and shoot using the diffused light. I make adjustments in photoshop to high-key the background.

    (You can kinda tell the cloudy days if you look at all the photos.)

    I would like to get a lightbox though, so that I can have more consistent photos and of course be able to take them at night!

    Oh, Almond Joys are photographed and half were wolfed down immediately … they’re really good. Definitely more like candy than cookies.

  6. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    wife – sorry, I ate them all =) i’ll pick up some from the grocery store next time…

    cybele – that’s pretty cool that you’re using your office… the photos come out looking like they’re perfectly cut somehow using photoshop. We actually made a “lightbox” out of a large cardboard box. Cut out the sides of the box and taped pieces of white sheets over them. Then we use two home depot clamp spotlights (those metal ones) on either side to get diffuse light coming through. It’s not bad, but still needs correction. However, the weakest link is of course me. I am not good at photography =)

  7. emily Says:

    I really liked the plain Hershey’s Cookies…the fudgy middle plus cookie. We had 4 boxes for 18 people in my office…all but crumbs were gone in less than 2 days.



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