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Domino's Large Pepperoni PizzaAh yes, Domino’s Pizza. The other day I was super lazy and decided to order some food for dinner to be delivered. This is generally not a good idea for Cheap Eats as it’s cheaper to make your own food and plus you are generally expected to tip the driver some extra moola for the convenience.

The only delivered food I usually make an exception for is Pizza. One of the reasons is that unless you have an extremely large stomach capacity (or a bunch of people with extremely large stomach capacities are at your house), a single pizza can be dinner, then lunch and then sometimes dinner again.

When you divide the cost among all the meals, it comes out much cheaper. Anyhow, for pizza delivery, I usually choose among the two biggies around here which are Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

I haven’t ordered from Pizza Hut in a long time, but the difference between their standard pizza and Domino’s (I know you can get both deep dish and thin crust for both companies, with varying results) is that I feel Pizza Hut is a bit greasier with thicker crust that is sometimes almost “cake-like”. Domino’s is more of a standard flat pizza with crunchier crust, at least from my experience.

One of my fondest memories of Domino’s Pizza is the “Dorm Pizza Sneak”. What is this? For those who’ve lived in dorms you probably know about the unwritten rule that any large quantity of hot food is automatically subject to community “sharing” by all members on that particular floor. Occasionally, this sharing can extend to R.A.’s and members of OTHER floors as well. You may not appeal this decision as well.

The end result is that you only get one slice of pizza for your $10. Suck ass. So we used to try and sneak the pizza into our rooms. This was accomplished by exiting the elevator, looking both ways, and then making a mad dash to the designated “pizza room” with the pizza tucked under your arm like a football.

The only problem was this is Pizza Topping Slippage. This happened often, because the Domino’s Pizza near my campus was not known for their crust to topping adhesion properties. So tipping the pizza sideways and then running with it like a football was pretty disastrous for the pie; all the toppings and much of the cheese slid off into on corner of the box! Still, it beat having to share the mess with everyone.

Domino's Pepperoni Pizza Unwrapped
In case you haven’t ordered in awhile, the price of delivery style pizza has skyrocketed. And you HAVE to use coupons otherwise you are getting totally jacked. Luckily the Domino’s Pizza Coupons are sent nearly every other day to our house, along with Pizza Hut Coupons too.

They have numerous specials, the most famous of which is the 555 for $5 deal. This is where they try to get you to buy more pizza than you need. They don’t really care about how many pizzas they have to give you, just that you spend above $10-15 it seems. I mean I only want ONE single one topping medium pizza, so why can’t I have it for $7.

Other coupons include 2x Tuesdays where you buy one large pizza at inflated prices and get a 2nd one for free, and the 2 medium two topping pizzas for $13.99. The one I used was a $10.99 for 1 large 1 topping pizza, which is the most sane in the bunch.

I don’t know if they still do this deal where if the pizza isn’t at your house in 30 minutes then it’s on the house. If so I would consider obfuscating my house address so that I can get it gratis, hehe.

I don’t know the rules for tipping drivers (will they spit in your pizza the next time if you don’t), but I usually round up the dollar amount if the cents amount is less than 50 cents, and add a dollar if it is more than 50 cents. That usually means a tip between 50 cents and $1.50.

All right, so how does the damn thing taste? Well, it’s a pizza all right. I got a Pepperoni Pizza from Domino’s this time… one Cheap Eats hint for delivery pizza is to add your own toppings. I like throwing raw veggies on there, because it cuts the grease a bit and just feels more healthy. Favorites include mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, tomatoes.

Domino’s Pizza has always seemed “flatter” to me. This particular pizza pie started out extremely thin in the middle to super thick on the outside. There was a LOT of sauce on this one, and probably not enough cheese for my liking (Pizza Hut seems to have more cheese). The sauce was pretty blah… like tomato sauce straight out of a can. The pepperonis were just “OK”.

Interestingly, I didn’t even know it but they gave a free bottle of Coke Zero with the deal. Nice, though I don’t like the diet stuff.

Generally, I eat about 1/4 to 1/3 of a single pizza. The remainder can be refrigerated for more than a few days. Pizza for breakfast after a late night party is an eye-opening transcendental experience. One hint for storage is to double wrap the pizza in individual slices if possible. Wrap each slice once in foil or saran wrap, then in an outer ziploc bag. This keeps it more fresh.

And when warming up the pizza, I usually take it out of the fridge at let it get more room temperature. Then pop it in the toaster set to broil for 10-15 minutes. You gotta watch it though, because it will burn the cheese and toppings.

Price: $10.99, with a free Coke Zero.
Found at: Domino’s Pizza
Cheap Eats Score: 5/10

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  1. Anonymous.Reader Says:

    Papa Murphy’s is a much better pizza deal. Sure, you have to go pick it up and bake it yourself, but the pizzas are larger, the prices are smaller, and the toppings are good.

  2. Marvo Says:

    No 555 deal or 2x Tuesday deal for those of us living on these rocks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Stingy Dominos. Papa John’s is better!

  3. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    anonymous – papa murphys… is that a chain?

    marvo – too bad they don’t honor the coupons at different domino’s because i would send you them in the mail! Yeah, Papa John’s is pretty good. I have been meaning to go there, believe there is one near us somewhere. i forget, they don’t deliver do they?

  4. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    marvo, on second thought I think I may avoid Papa John’s for now. I remember it being pretty decent a long time ago. But I went to look online and a lot of people are ripping it a new one. For instance, here.

    Hm.. maybe the Hawaii chain is better?

  5. cybele Says:

    I must admit that I’ve never ordered from Dominos before. I’m sure I’ve eaten their pizza but I think I’d have recalled that it was good.

    My problem is that I worked in a pizza shop as a teen that was run by real Italians who made pizza NY style and it’s spoiled me for anything else. (They also made really good subs … oh wait, I made the subs, and they were gooooooood.)

    In Los Angeles I have a love/hate relationship with Hard Times in Silverlake.

  6. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    cybele – I think most non-angelenos must think that pizza in L.A. is a joke (CPK is probably a good example). I had pretty decent thin crust pizza (is that NY style?) at a place called Mulberry Street Pizzeria in the Beverly Hills area. It was a spinach and cheese slice. I think other than that and a few other exceptions pizza is just one of those things I get when I’m too lazy to do anything else or cook. It fills you up, and has the potential for more than 1 meal.

  7. jim Says:

    having leftover pizza for breakfast is what makes domino’s (or any other brand) cheap eats. a coupon only makes it better. pizza usually reheats pretty well in the microwave and keeps fpr several days in the fridge. i have not had leftover pizza lately but it sounds real good right now.

  8. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    jim – yeah the coupons are a must… oh if you have a toaster and microwave, try a double warmup: about 30 seconds or so in the microwave and then bake it in the toaster (put foil on the rack to stop cheese drips). It brings it back to life nearly as good as when it was delivered…

  9. nicole Says:

    I was surprised you didn’t have a lot of negative thoughts on Domino’s Pizza. The last time I had one was 11 years ago. I distinctly remember their pizzas tasting like cardboard. In fact, I think maybe cardboard was better. In any case, I’m not fond of Pizza Hut either unless I want the Hawaiian personal pan pizza. I stick to neighborhood joints: there’s always at least one that has some good pie. Do you have Little Caesar’s where you live? They were decent. That crazy bread was the best!

  10. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    nicole – I actually think Domino’s have improved quite a bit. I do remember the cardboard texture from about 10-15 years ago. This was the reason I used to choose Pizza Hut over Domino’s. But I think Pizza Hut is much greasier than Domino’s now. I guess neither is ideal but it’ll do if there’s nothing else…

  11. Peggasus Says:

    I will second the endorsement for Papa Murphy’s, that really is the good stuff around here. If I preheat the oven when I leave, it’s ready when I get back (it’s only a mile away), and then you’ve got pizza in 12 minutes. Anonymous, did you try the Sicilian Pan Pizza they had as a special recently? Damn, it was excellent! And I’ve never seen anybody use more toppings than them.

    Pizza Hut I also find greasy, but I think it’s because they don’t pre-cook their sausage and all the grease just stays right on the top. Yuck.

    Then again, I live around Chicago, where we take our pizza seriously.

  12. shawn21 Says:

    Former pizza delivery guy I am. Worked for the big D and PJ, also delivered chicken wings and other stuff for a place called Willies in my college days. Oh yeah, Brand X pizza too – 7 bucks for a large 1 topping delivered. I liked Willies the best cause the owner was a stoner and didnt care what we did as long as he had his greenery so I’d arrive home each night with a big ol bucket of wings fer me roomates…

  13. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    peggasus – what is this papa murphy’s that i keep hearing about?

    shawn – hehe, such is the perks of pizza delivery I guess. A friend of mine’s mom used to co-manage a chinese restaurant near hear so he always got leftover chinese food (the good stuff, not Panda Express junk). So I had my fair share of free food back then…

  14. Budderocks Says:

    Papa Murphys has a website . They have expanded quite a bit in the last few years. They give you a premade uncooked pizza on a disposable cooking tray. They have a wide variety of toppings and big pizzas at good prices. Really nice if you are running around and don’t feel like cooking to just swing by and pick one up. The leftovers are pretty good too.

  15. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    budderocks – thanks for clearing that up, I didnt’ know that they give it to you uncooked… that’s pretty cool. I checked the store locator and unfortunately there are no restaurants in the L.A. area? (I saw bay area and san diego). They look great, though pictures have been known to lie. What I want to know is: how much does it cost? Is the price comparable to the major chains? This would be main issue for me… too bad there are none around me otherwise I’d like to review them.

    Also, speaking of take and bake pizza… I actually find that the CostCo combo one is halfway decent at times because it’s fairly cheap. Weird, whether you get a cheese-only, pepperoni, or combination… they all cost the same!

  16. tanya Says:

    I usually order from Dominoes too – anybody else love cheesy bread?! But I recently had Papa Johns and to me it was much better – at least where I live – in the South.

  17. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    tanya – yeah from the reviews i’ve read on Papa Johns around me, it sounds pretty bad…so maybe it’s only in SoCal where it is bad. I’ll make a note to try it when i’m on the road.

    speaking of cheese at Domino’s… the last time I was there I asked them for those little packets of parmesan cheese and dry red pepper flakes and the guy there said that they didn’t have any because none of the stores carry it any more. He said some of the bigwigs decided to cancel it completely because it was too much of a hassle…

  18. Lynnette Says:

    Dominos is pretty inconsistent with their payment options – I have had difficulty ordering delivery from them.. After them driving to my house, then they will not accept a check unless you fingerprint it ! So you better have cash on you..
    We order from Pizza Hut all the time – It’s good here –
    N. Texas

  19. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    lynette – well, I can honestly say that I’ve never paid anyone for delivery pizza with anything but cash… unless they know you personally or you’re in their database “system” i think they’re probably smart not to take a check… So pizza hut takes checks?

  20. Former Domino's Driver Says:

    While I applaud the fact that you actually do tip the drivers and don’t try to completely bilk them, a tip of 50 cents is total crap. The drivers don’t make much hourly; their money is made entirely on tips (the mileage compensation is usually a pitiful joke of maybe 10-15 cents per delivery or less).
    Now, I get that your plan here is to get by on the cheap, and if so, I suppose I can understand and all. But still, try to give a minimum of a buck, preferably around 2 bucks. You may think the driver’s time and delivery isn’t worth it, but think about how high gas prices are, not to mention delivery driving is very hard on a car. And these drivers are usually as poor if not poorer than you, working their way through college or the like (as I was when I worked there).
    Of course, when I order pizza, I usually try to order at least two pizzas so I’m spending closer to 15 bucks or so to make the $2 minimum tip I give more worth my while… ;-)

  21. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    driver – the tip I give is usually a buck, and I know that’s not a lot. But the one that they are driving from is pretty close to my house. A lot of people I know don’t even tip which like you said is pretty sad. Especially when it’s raining!

  22. Scott Says:

    I happen to realy like domino’s pizza. It might be diffrent in Canada then in the USA but it it good. The reson that you find that pizza hut is so greasy is beacuse there dough is delivered to them frozen. (I have personal experience beacuse I have worked there) They place it in pans and using a large pump that you would find on an industrial bottle of soap they give to good squirts. Litteraly marinating your pie in oil. Thats the biggist diffrence between pan pizza and domino’s hand tossed. (I also worked for them as well) The had tossed if done properly is and nice even crust under all the topping and and a beautiful golden brown ring to hold it all in. It realy is an art to making a good pizza. All of there food is freash and although they do not have the 30 min or it’s free guarantee they revised it to: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Domino’s Pizza dining experience, we will re-make your pizza or refund your money. (link)

    Plus they have the added bonus of getting a pipin hot pie to your door with the heat wave bags. And for all those that want to complain about it costing to much right now the prices of cheese is starting to go throught the roof. And in canada they decided to run the same 5 5 5 deal only we make like no money from it. So if I hade to say who has the best pizza. I would say Domino’s all the way. :)

  23. Delivery Driver/Student Says:

    Here is a tip for those who tip.
    So here is the deal with tipping the driver. At any one time the drive may have 3 to 4 deliveries in his car. Sometimes it can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to get to an address and shuffle through the process of giving change or exchanging coupons, pizza, soda, ect…
    The drivers normally dont spit in anyones food, however we deliver the pizzas in order that we think we will get the best tips. So instead of basing which delivery goes first on the time of the order its based on the tip amount.
    So the next time your delivery takes an hour and a half to get there when the drivers know you only tip .50 consider tipping a little more for a fast hot pizza. For all.. $2 is decent, $3 is a good tip but $5 guarantee’s your delivery goes on the top. Drivers always remember the good tippers and the bad ones.

    Thanks Tips are appreciated!!!

  24. melissa Says:

    i want coupons for 2x tuesdays

  25. Cleo Says:

    I will not reward poor pizza delivery!!!

    I will tip depending on how long it takes to get the pizza. We have a Round Table Pizza that always takes forever to deliver -always at least an hour or more, much longer than the normal quoted time of 40 minutes). Plus, the pizza is almost always overdone, too, for delivery, but not if I pick it up. I still might tip someone if the service is slow (just for the minimal effort), but maybe only a dollar. On the other hand, if the pizza arrives at the quoted time and it is still very warm, the driver will get a good tip – at least 3 to 4 dollars. The driver has to EARN the tip!

  26. dave Says:

    .50 to 1.50 tip? ouch…

    If you cant afford to tip the driver AT LEAST 20% you probably should look at just cooking for your self.

    All but stiffing the driver (50 cents?) is just plain bad for your Karma, seriously.

  27. Carol Says:

    Our local Domino’s mushroom are grown locally, so they’re FRESH – unlike Papa John’s and some other pizza chain stores. Canned or jarred mushrooms? ICK!

    Pizza Hut pizza has a greasy bottom
    Papa Murphy’s almost has too much cheese for my taste

    And SHAME on you who order pizza delivery and don’t tip. If you don’t want to tip, then you should get carry out and suffer the wear, tear and gas expense with YOUR car.

  28. Eric Says:

    I was a delivery driver for awhile, and tipping only 50 cents makes you the last guy on the trip to get their pizza. The average tip is around 2 bucks, and a 4 dollar tip will make the driver happy. We remember who doesn’t tip and we remember those who do.

  29. Brian Says:

    I can guarantee you that a pizza driver may still spit in your food if you are only tipping .50 to 1.50. If he had to drive 10 miles each way to deliver to you, he would spend 3.00 in gas alone to deliver your food.

  30. Chrissy Says:

    I never tip less than $4. I pay for the convenience of not leaving my house, not cooking, and the driver’s gas. I was a driver for a while and you remember the people who tip well.



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