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Cheap Eats - Marie Callender's Turkey Pot PieBack to frozen food again. I’ve been shunning Banquet meals lately in favor of both Marie Callender’s (finally spelled it right that time!) and Healthy Choice frozen meals. Just for variety of course. Although, lately my “picky” food side has been rearing it’s mid-life crisis head just a little too frequently.

Also, while Banquet is pretty much $1 each every day of the year, you kind of have to wait it out for Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice to go on sale. On sale where I am is $2 per meal, although I’ve seen them as cheap as $1.50 on occasion.

I have lots of good memories eating the Marie Callender’s Turkey Pot Pie at both the restaurant location and straight outta the microwave at work. But I haven’t picked up one up in a few years, partly because I’d been so turned off from buying the “lesser” pies. But I saw these on sale the other day so I decided to pick one up to relive the good times.

Cheap Eats - Marie Callender's Turkey Pot Pie ContainerOne of the most interesting things about their pot pies is that the microwave instructiosn say NOT to remove the outer cardboard packaging. You basically just open it up but leave the pie inside. I have a feeling this is to get the crust nice and brown… the top of the cardboard container has a “reflective surface grid” as shown in the pic to right (I cut the box open). It faces downward onto the crust.

Whatever it is – it works pretty beautifully. The microwave time is actually one of the longest I’ve ever seen for a frozen dinner – something like 12 minutes on High! I’m always a bit nervous putting anything into the microwave for that long. I have had one instance in the past where the box got slightly “charred”, but this particular time there were no such scary moments. It does tend to smell a bit burnt, sort of like the smell you get when you microwave popcorn. But the pie itself looks quite nice.

Cheap Eats - Marie Callender's Turkey Pot Pie 3

The pie crust actually comes out looking like a real pie crust. It’s flaky and thicker than the other pot pies on the market. I do sometimes have problems with the crust sticking to the top of the box which results in a few tears on top. But nothing severe. Also, because the pie is packed in the box without any sort of shielding (plastic wrap, etc.) it can tend to get knocked about a bit, even though the pie is solid frozen.

Here’s a closeup of the fluted crust I took. Looks nice and golden brown.

Cheap Eats - Marie Callender's Turkey Pot Pie 4

The innards of the pie are pretty close to what’s pictured on the box: you’ve got decent chunks of white meat turkey (not sure if some of those are chopped and formed), carrots, peas, onions, and celery. Although the box picture shows at least 2 pieces of celery, I actually only found miniscule pieces in my pot pie. The same goes for the onion. It’s not a terrible loss though, as the turkey, carrots and peas are around. They’re cooked pretty nicely as well.

The turkey pot pie sauce was a little too salty for my tastes, but I’m sure that’s a personal preference thing. It tastes pretty much what you’d expect a pot pie sauce to taste like. The pie is also much more filling than those other tiny Swanson pies.

I’m actually pleasantly surprised they didn’t futz with the formula as much as I thought they might have done. These are still a pretty good deal if you can get them on sale, and I’d definitely keep one or two in the freezer for those days when I don’t feel like cooking lunch.

Cheap Eats - Marie Callender's Turkey Pot Pie 3

Price:$2 on sale
Cheap Eats Score: 8/10

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  1. Robyn Says:

    Holy crap, I used to eat a lot of these when I was younger and survived on TV dinners and frozen food 50% of the time. [hangs head in shame] And I remember…that it was realllly salty. But otherwise not too bad. :)

  2. Ace N. Says:

    I wish it had potato in it, but I agree that the Marie Callender’s pot pies come out pretty great in the microwave. Only the chicken and turkey ones, though…the beef has the strangest burnt flavor I’ve ever tasted in frozen food. They are pretty huge, though, so I usually get the smaller ones(11 ounces I believe?).

  3. Marvo Says:

    I tried a Marie Callender’s pot pie once and I thought it was too rich for me. I couldn’t even eat half of one. I’ve never had a homemade pot pie, just the frozen stuff. I think we need a Marie Callender’s restaurant here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  4. Meg Says:

    These have always been one of my favorite, though I tend to cook them in the oven for the “perfect” crust. I really like the honey chicken version of this.

  5. Cherish Says:

    Meg: Honey chicken? I wonder how those taste, the idea sort of scares me; but then again, I love trying new food!

  6. chaos Says:

    yea get your entire sodium content for the day in one meal *shudder* marie chalendar and hungry man seem to have the monopoly on sodium in their products.

  7. Hailey Says:

    I’ve never tried these before, they look amazing… i’m used to the super cheap kind i always eat. maybe i’ll grab a few to try…. and i think that grid thing is pretty smart if it helps keep it from getting mushy and just makes it golden brown…. i usually have to bake mine becuase the microwave turns it into a chicken flavored swamp. =)

  8. WasabiFlux Says:

    Smaller 10 oz. size pot pies are also available. I picked up one turkey and one chicken at the grocery store last week, and they each cost $1.79 (I don’t think they were on sale). On these, it looks like the reflective heat grid is actually a solid disc of grey paper, and it does do a spectacular job of browning the crust.

  9. Summer Daily Says:

    Banquet, Healthy Choice and Marie Callendar are all produced by ConAgra one of the largest food processors. They are also known for being the source of MANY (not all make the news) food rcalls including the Marie Callendar line. Bottom line of this company is not to provide the comsumer with a “Healthy Choice”. Great site.

  10. Furdude Says:

    Are the Marie Callendar Pot Pies affected by the CDC and ConAgra recall of frozen pot pies due to outbreak of salmonella poisoning?
    I’ve purchased several of the Beef and Turkey pot pies from King Soopers here in Colorado and have experienced the symptoms including diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.

  11. James Markins Says:


  12. Marian Buchanan Says:

    For your information, after cooking my chicken pot pie for 65 minutes at 400 degrees, the crust was still soft and with uncooked texture. I did not eat it. They top rim was apparently done.
    Thank You, Marian Buchanan

  13. Deb Westcott Says:

    I too am wondering if the Marie Callendar pot pies are recalled, since they are also Con Agra?

  14. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    Regarding the recalls – I thought I looked up the recent one and saw that it did not include these particular pot pies. However, I’m just a blogger – people seem to forget this. I don’t have any official information, nor do I work for any company, and I try to keep the conversation on the blog away from complaints, recalls, etc. For official information you should always look up the OFFICIAL website for the product or company involved.

    But for what it’s worth – I just bought 5 of these pot pies (in California), and still eat them on a regular basis – the microwave seems to work pretty well for getting a crispy crust, although occasionally the center remains a bit cold.

    Thanks for all the comments!



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