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As luck would have it, this product for review that came through the mail (thanks, Charlie) ties in nicely with my new-found determination to eat slightly better. I say slightly better, because the review after this is going to be a fast food one… so old timey Cheap Eaters who are tired of the new healthy fad should stick around for that one.

The first thing you see on the box of these Fiber One Chewy Bars from General Mills is “35% of the Daily Value of Fiber”. Now, it’s pretty easy to get that amount or even more of fiber from various sources, but it ain’t always as pleasant. I have to say that this was a pretty tasty source as far as fiber goes.

By the way, you probably don’t want to munch up on several of these bars at once if you’re not used to having that much fiber injected into your system. Uh, you could be making a one night stand date with the toilet.

Fiber One Chewy Bar box on Cheap EatsSo I was shipped the Oats and Chocolate flavor of these bars. They also have an Oats and Peanut Butter. There’s 5 bars in a box. Personally, I already get enough fiber but I decided to give it a go anyhow.

Before proceeding, I took a gander at the ingredients. Now, as far as I know most manufacturers list their ingredients in the order of the amount that is present in the product. I don’t know if they’re legally required by law to do that, but I’ve never really seen a deviation. So, for some reason the first ingredient in the list is not chocolate, not oats, not rice, and not barley flakes. It’s Chicory Root Extract! I’m thinking this must be a mistake… I don’t see how there could be more of that than chocolate or oats (which are the next two ingredients by the way). If somebody knows more about that, please let me know… actually, I wonder if that’s what makes the bar so chewy.

Fiber One Chewy Bar on Cheap Eats

Anyhow, the bars are about 4 inches long and wrapped individually in foil packages. I’m struck by how much chocolate is in the bars. It’s got chocolate chips AND is drizzled in chocolate. There was almost too much chocolate for me. If you like chocolate, you’re probably going to like this bar. If you’re concerned about sugar, however, you might want to pass.

The bar is definitely of the chewy variety, and because it’s got a lot of pieces of oats, rice, barley and other goodies it comes across not as smooth as some other bars of this type. It didn’t bother me, however. What was a bit of a problem is that it seems to stick to your teeth a little more than I’m used to. Like rice crispies. But that’s probably just me too – I’ve recently become paranoid about my teeth after stern warnings from the dentist to take better care of them – I tend to try brush 3-4 times a day, use a waterpik repeatedly, floss, mouthwash. I know – all the beginnings of obssessive compulve behavior…

The taste of the bars is really good. I suspect the chocolate will make it go down easier for those that are bothered by all the oats and stuff. Despite the dental issues, I personally like the chewier bars better than the harder granola type. It’s also easier to eat in the car since it doesn’t explode like granola bars when you bite into it.

I ate four of these bars for breakfast over a week and didn’t suffer any ill effects from the added fiber. I didn’t know the street price on these since I got them for free, so I’m going to be conservative and score this a bit lower. Because once again, I’m sure there are other cheaper ways to get your fiber.

Price: Free (unknown MSRP)
Found At: Sent in for review
Cheap Eats Score: 6/10

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  1. cybele Says:

    Chicory root extract is another way of saying inulin (but probably contains quite a bit of water which would explain why it’s the first ingredient). It’s basically a soluble fiber that also provides a smidge of sweetness with it. Read more about it on wikipedia here:

    I’ve seen inulin added to things like yogurt smoothies … not bad stuff in moderation.

  2. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    thanks cybele, i figured either you or tanya might know what that was! So, I guess that is where the fiber comes from, I had thought it was some combo of the oats and other stuff…

  3. MVP Says:

    I’m so glad you profiled these bars. I bought a box recently (the chocolate kind) because I had a coupon, and now I’m hooked. They’re really good! I’m on Weight Watchers, and am always on the lookout for something sweet that’s not too many points. These are only 2 points each and seriously, they melt in your mouth (no, I don’t work for Fiber One, I promise ; ).

  4. Marvo Says:

    Wow. 35% is a lot! Eating a whole box would probably equal a bowl of Colon Blow (Saturday Night Live reference).

  5. DoJo Says:

    Marvo, you are right on the money with that one. These bars were so addictive that I binged on a whole box in one day. Yowsa. My boyfriend has banned me from eating them because of the nasty side effects. Too bad for him, cuz’ they’re perfect for my breakfast (but just one bar a day from now on).

  6. Andie Says:

    I love these things! The chocolate ones are alright but the peanut butter ones are my new crack. They are the best PB granola bars I’ve ever had. High PB flavor. *thumbsup*

  7. Christina Says:

    These are too sweet for me. Good texture and good flavor although a bit sugary for me. I would rather it be less sweet, with less fat, especially transfat, no HFCS and perhaps fewer calories. I was really excited but I don’t think I will switch from the Fiberone cereal because of these negative health aspects in the bars.

  8. Andie Says:

    I just looked at my box of PB bars. There is NO transfat in these bars. And also one bar has 4.5 grams of fat. Considering it is a PB bar, that’s really not much at all.

  9. Tumacacori Says:

    OK. I love the taste of these bars but I’ve noticed that right after eating them I got the worst gas and cramps in my life and they didn’t go away for 3 days! I assume it is from the fiber?

  10. Bloated Says:

    I was surprised that these bar were really good and I am a big chocolate person so they fit right in with my breakfast. The bad news is I will not be buying these again because of the awful side effects they produce. I bet I went to the bathroom like 4 times today after eating just one. I am still gasey and bubbley.

    Always a trick in trying to eat something halfway decent ain’t it?

  11. nlmnd Says:

    You should always slowly build up the amount of fiber you consume. The average american only eats an average of 8 – 14 grams of fiber a day! The recomended amount is closer to 24 grams not to exceede 38. If you increase your fiber by a few grams every couple of days you should be okay. I can’t find the chocolate bars anywhere everyone only has the PB ones.

  12. lisa Says:

    I love the Oats & peanut butter. Just found these in the store last night and my 2 yr old even ate 1/2 of one. :) limited his exposure due to possible gasiness :) Can’t wait to try the chocolate ones. These bars taste much better than other more EXPENSIVE fiber bars I’ve found.

  13. Kat Says:

    I’m so happy to have these on my shelf! They were in a customer gift pack at my Curves and my husband, 3 year old daughter and I shared it- then they hit the local Albertson’s on the 10 for $15 sale and we could not get them for a couple weeks- they really are an appropriate “fix” for my major sweet tooth- I agree with Lisa on giving my little one only 1/2 ! Since we eat a lot of whole grains and raw plant foods we’ve been ok on the gastric symptoms but easy does it if you aren’t used to fiber filled foods!

  14. Kelly Says:

    nlmnd Says:

    March 16th, 2007 at 12:50 pm
    You should always slowly build up the amount of fiber you consume. The average american only eats an average of 8 – 14 grams of fiber a day! The recomended amount is closer to 24 grams not to exceede 38.

    I don’t know where you got this not to exceed amount on fiber, but that is not accurate. There really is no amount that should be a limit. There is a new book and PBS program called the Fiber 35 Diet that recommends an intake of 35 g. of fiber daily for a healthy lifestyle and to foster weight loss. The author’s research had identified some cultures that consume far in excess of this amount with no adverse affects. Just thought I’m point that out. I eat a lot of fiber and for the past couple weeks have been making the effort to eat 35 g. of fiber.

    Anyway, I am on my first box of the Fiber One chocolate chip bars, and I think they are the best chewy granola bars I’ve ever eaten, and I’m thrilled about the fiber amount and the reasonable calorie amount. And I love chocolate and agree that the taste of this chocolate is delicious. Looking forward to trying the PB variety, and I plan to regularly stock these. I only wish they had more protein in them as well. It’s a challenge to find a good protein/snack bar with a healthy dose of fiber that tastes good. I tossed a nasty tasting Pria bar yesterday after the first bite. Another one that I like is the Odwalla peanut chip bar (I think it’s called), with 4 or 5 g. of fiber

  15. Andie Says:

    Interesting, I’ve had no side affects at all after eating these.

  16. Pam Says:

    I would like to say a friend recommended these bars to me and they are really good. I have not had any side affects either. Just a reminder if you consume fiber you need to drink lots of water. I like the honey clusters fiber one cereal also and the cereal boxes had a coupon for a free box of fiber one bars for free. WoW!!! what a deal

  17. marie Says:

    is it safe to eat these during pregnancy?

  18. Michelle Says:

    I love the taste of these bars. HOWEVER, I have had terrible gas pains that last for days after eating them. I am used to a high level of fiber intake, I drink Citrucel every day. Has anyone else had this type of problem?

  19. Carol Says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for almost three decades so presumably eat a fair share of fiber. I ate one of the Oats & Chocolate fiber bars 1.5 days ago and am still experiencing some serious abdominal pain and bloating due to these bars. I think they need to put a cautionary statement on the box. I’m not looking forward to several more days of this problem.

  20. judy ellis Says:

    I love the Fiber One bars, but can never find them in my area. I bought them 1 time and ended up liking them, and now I can’t find them in the store I bought them at or any other store for that fact. Help!!

    I am on Weight Watchers and I eat them for breakfast at 5:30 and then an orange to help curb the hunger around 9:30. Any help would be appreciated to find these bars!!

  21. susan stroud Says:

    Delicious and no side effects whatsoever. I’ve tried the chocolate and will now try the peanut butter flavor.

  22. Rachel Says:

    THe gas and cramping are probably the direct result of “High Maltose Corn Syrup” as it is listed on the label. Also know as malitol…. Malitol is a sugar alcohol that affects many people this way.

  23. Heather Says:

    Wow, I’m so glad to find out that I’m not the only one to suffer ill effects for three days after eating one bar! Thanks for the review, and all the commenters.

    Judy Ellis — check Ebay for cheap bars if you can’t find them in your area.

  24. Kathleen Says:

    Thank you Fiber One. This is the only way I can get Fiber into my
    my pre teenage with out a hassel. I thought we hit gold when we found Fiber One Bran Cereal. Great taste with milk or yogurt, and dry. Than one day at Walgreens they had this display New Fiber One Bars. Bought two boxes one choc and one PB. It’s Great, one a day curbs the sweet tooth and has fiber. I have tryed and thrown away a lot of other brands, it does not help it you can’t get anyone to eat them. The one set back is finding them.

  25. staci Says:

    Fiber one its self tells you that there should be a maximum in the amount of fiber that you have in a day. I too, have experienced gas and bloating, but i have ffound that walking has helped.

  26. andrea Says:

    After having one of these, I almost ran out to buy a box, but when reading up online, they do have hidden transfats (hydrogenated coconut oil) and very high in sweeteners such as two types of corn syrup. The health sites I have read stated that they are more of a candy bar than a healthy snack. Sorry!

  27. Steve Says:

    These are great. Easily the best granola bar in my opinion, and I hope they stay on the market for a long time.

    To Andrea’s comment, the hydrogenated coconut oil is listed as an ingredient in the chocolate chips so the actual quantity is no doubt low enough that they can honestly list zero as the quantity. The fact of the matter is the bars have a reasonable amount of calories (140) and fat (4 to 4.5 grams), some calcium and a huge amount of dietary fiber.

    Sorry, they are nothing like a candy bar. A Three Musketeers, for example, has nearly twice as many calories (260) and twice as much fat (8 grams) and no fiber.

    I’d agree that they TASTE like they could be a candy bar! Anyway, I like them and think they are a healthy and unique choice on the market. I wish other brands would develop fiber rich snack items like this.

  28. Jeff Says:

    If you read the Wikwipedia link concerning Inulin/Chickory ( you can see why these bars can cause some discomfort for some individuals and not others.

    Quote: “Inulin-containing foods can be rather gassy, particularly for those unaccustomed to inulin, and these foods should be consumed in moderation at first.”

    These bars “can” be a good addition to a healthy diet but aren’t a perfect food and certainly should not replace fresh fruits and vegatables in your diet.

    I personally like them and believe that they can satisfy that craving for a sweet treat while being fairly good for you. You might also consider bars made by Kashi as they have a different balance of fiber/sugar.

  29. Sarah Says:

    They need to put a warning on the box!!!! I don’t know if it’s the fiber, the inulin, or the malitol but my boyfriend and I suffered mightily. They taste so good, I might try to build up a tolerance. Don’t know yet. My system has just recovered after a week!

  30. Pat Curran Says:

    Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Chewy Bars are the best tasting bars I have ever eaten!! I do have quite a bit of gas from them, but plan to stick with one in the morning, hoping that my body will get used to them. I have not experienced any pain from them.

  31. Dana Tan Says:

    I bought these today at Walgreens and I had one bar in the morning and the whole day i was going to the bathroom. =/
    They tasted really good though!

  32. Linda McMillian Says:

    Do you have coupon for the fiber once chewy bars.

  33. Jill W. Says:

    I was hooked on these bars for awhile. However, I can no longer enjoy them. I’m on Weight Watchers and eat a ton of fiber everyday. These bars give me extreme gas, intestinal discomfort and pain for 2-3 days after eating just one. There is certainly something in them that my body does not like and it’s not the fiber. However, it doesn’t effect everyone. My sister eats them everyday with no problems.

  34. anastasiab Says:

    you can buy these at costco, i think $10 for 30

  35. Jenn Says:

    My husband calls these things “Fart One Bars”

    I have been eating them for months now and your body does adjust.

  36. Bill Says:

    I was looking for something that could rival the natural ingredients in the GNU fiber bars. I was headed out to try the Fiber One bars, until I saw the following.

    “…these bars contain high fructose corn syrup, as well as hydrogenated coconut oil!”

    from this forum

  37. Marisa Says:

    AMAZING! Will never be fat again!

  38. Kristy Says:

    I have been ‘Googling’ Fiber One bars for an hour or so now and I have to say, some of the comments I’ve run across have made me laugh until I cry (like the woman who won’t eat them anymore because they might cause a divorce-the office workers are a hoot, too!).

    Anyway…I am one of the people who have unpleasant after effects from the bars and wondered if anyone could answer two questions for me.

    1. If it’s possible to get used to the intestinal issues, HOW LONG MIGHT THAT TAKE?


    2. Does increasing the water actually help this problem???

    Because I’ll tell you what….the ONLY thing I care about at this point is getting my fiber up to 35 grams a day (guess which diet I’m doing!). However, I’d like to be able to leave my home without humiliating myself. A few of my relatives might not mind ‘cutting loose’ in a grocery store but “I” do!!!!

    It is funny, though, because my kids eat them with no unpleasant issues. We’ll never know re: my husband. He has enough ‘issues’ without any help from Fiber One!

    Thanks for the answers.

  39. Amanda Says:

    Those fiber bars are not very good at all…

  40. Marsha Says:

    I love Fiber One Bars and they are very easy to find in my area. All of my co workers love them as well. I bought a couple boxes for home and my 9 year old and 15 yr old love them now. My 9 yr. old however, ate 2 of them this weekend and now has a rash all over her entire body. She is afraid to go to school as she thinks the other kids will tease her, and they probably will… but the Dr. questioned any changes in detergents, soaps and most importantly, food.. I couldn’t think of a thing. Until this morning when I stayed home from work with her as it has spread even more, she wanted one of these bars. I stopped dead in my tracks as I grabbed the box and realized, these were the ONLY thing different that she had eaten in the last few days. Looking at the ingredients, I was shocked to see Chicory Root Extract as the first ingredient. My Doctor called me back shortly after noticing this and said not to let her have any more as this is an herb and not regulated by the FDA and could definitely be what she is having an allergic reaction to. I am not saying that this IS the cause of it, I am just sending out fair warning, that in trying to get out kids to eat healthy, we must pay attention to the ingredients. I will continue to eat these as I have had no ill side effects, I just won’t let her have them.

  41. Thor Says:

    As one who has already lost a fair amount of weight (almost 40 lbs) before finding these bars, I was more interested in them for the fiber content. At 38 years old, I have never been a big veggie or fruit eater, so have really tried to supplement my fiber intake for a decade or more now. On average I eat at least 30g of fiber a day, sometimes closer to 40.

    These bars are a tasty alternative that was recommended by a customer of mine. She’s been enjoying the chocolate ones, and I got some of the PB ones… no noticeable side effects for me, but I do drink a lot of water anyways, and I am used to a fair amount of inulin in my diet, as well as maltitol.

    I would also recommend though, to people who are NOT used to a lot of fiber in their diet, to take their time and build it gradually, monitoring daily intake.

  42. Cat Says:

    I’m on WW and LOVE eating “Fart Bars” as a snack. I found that the first day the gas is killer. Howevever, I have built up a tolerance. It took me a little over a week…. ha, I just tried to “time” when I ate them to a time when I could fart like I wanted to (aka eat them in the afternoon so that I’m not at work when the gas hits).

  43. Josephine Says:

    I just laughed so hard at all of this. I wish I would have read this before I ate two Fiber One bars in the last two days. Yesterday I had a lot of gas pains but today was a blow out!!! I cannot believe that so many people are having such an ill effect. I had the gurgly stomach and thought that I was going to slip and poop my pants. That was an honest fear of mine the gas pains were so bad.

  44. [C]oReY Says:

    I have crohn’s disease and ate 2 bars and experienced extreme bloating, pain, and gas. I had these symtoms for hours until i woke up at around 11pm and puked!! Afew days later i am still experiencing intestinal pain and discomfort. I would advise to be careful about eating these bars!

  45. bas Says:

    Nobody has mentioned it yet, but there is also an oats and caramel flavor that is AWESOME! Only 1 point on the old WW pointsfinder (i.e., back before they started to limit fiber to 4 grams), for those who might be using that.

  46. Stinky Mommy Says:

    Love the taste of these bars however they go against any no sugar diet. I have been passing rather horrible smelling gas for the last couple of days. I ate the bar yesterday morning for breakfast. Not feeling any discomfort or bloating. I had to post. I never do this but I am having such a great time reading all of the comments. I am truly LOL! (Laughing out Loud…”Fart One Bars”)

  47. elizabeth Says:

    YES, these are greeeeeeat if you like the sensation of your stomach being a volcano exploding every few minutes! I cannot even imagine eating one of these and walking down the isle in a pearly white dress! Give me a couple of Prunes Any Day!!!!!

  48. Denice Says:

    This product gives New Meaning to the sayings “Toot your own horn” and “Thar she blows!!!”

  49. lee Says:

    no! bad! stay away!
    I ate several today as I was running errands and now oh, the pain!

  50. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    Thank you everyone for all your comments… the post was getting too long so I’ve closed commenting now.



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