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Cheap Eats - Salmon Arugula

I should have called this Rocket Salmon… having only in the past year or so realized that Rocket = Arugula. Anyhow, ths is another Leftover Lunch of sorts, except the salmon wasn’t cooked. This was a leftover raw piece (from a miso salmon dinner the night before) that I pan fried with salt and pepper.

The arugula is from TJs, and its spicy bite goes well with the oily salmon. I did something funky in photoshop so the salmon looks extra-red. Well, I suppose that it’s also the added red coloring that they put in salmon nowadays…

I’ve got a physical therapy appt. tomorrow, the first of a set of sessions to try and work on the shoulder/back (rhomboid muscle?) issue. I also got a new computer chair, bed, pillow and mattress. I’m hoping the P.T. helps out, as I’m itching to get back into writing more about Cheap Eats soon.

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Cheap Eats - Korokke and Somen

(Apologies, I spelled Korokke wrong…)

Not much progress to be found on the shoulder / back ailment lately. The only thing I’ve been able to do is limit my computer usage severely. That’s making me extremely sad, but what can you do. I’ve got an appointment to have it checked again, possibly get some kind of physical therapy lined up, but we’ll see.

Till then, I think posts are mostly going to consist of this type which is Leftovers for Lunch. I think I might have covered this particular one in the past, but I’m not sure. I really like to combine two different leftovers into one lunch where possible. This is part of a cold somen noodle lunch we’d made earlier plus a little fried korokke courtesy of the folks.

Once again, an important Cheap Eats tenet: Eat at the parent’s house whenever you can (If you like their food, of course).

Cheap Eats - Korokke and Somen

“Korokke” is actually a japanese version of croquettes. My mom makes the version that doesn’t have cream or milk in it so it isn’t as rich. It’s basically mashed potatoes, ground meat (beef or turkey) and some spices. You form patties with them and use a flour, egg wash, panko mix to coat them, and then fry them up. Eaten with ketchup, hot sauce or tonkatsu sauce.

I put it with cold somen that is meant to be the kind that you dip in sauce and eat. Topped with any number of things – this time around it’s a sliced egg omelette, green onion and chopped lettuce. Yep, that cup is NOT filled with tea but with a soy sauce / mirin / bonito flake based sauce. Ordinarily, if you get this type of noodle at a restaurant it is brought out on these bamboo trays with slats that allow water to drain out the noodles. But we don’t have those, so I just put it in a bowl, slosh it in the cup of sauce, and eat it. Messy, but effective. Cold noodles like this make a great summertime lunch…

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Cheap Eats on Life HackerHello there, if you’ve arrived here from Lifehacker. Thank you, Wendy B., for the nice mention on that site – I occasionally read Lifehacker as well for the great tips there. I have to apologize in advance for not writing more just at the moment, but see the post below for an explanation why (ouchee shoulder). If this is your first time here, welcome, have a look around, and I hope you find some interesting Cheap Eats to read about!



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