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9/18/07 | Go-Gurt Fizzix

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Cheap Eats eats Fizzix GoGurt from Yoplait

Hello Carbonated Yogurt.

You read that right: carbonated yogurt tubes appeared on my doorstep the other day. Boxed, of course. Wow. I guess adding carbonation to candy, gum and other kid foods isn’t anything new (Pop-Rocks were pretty neat when they were first released when I was a kid).

Still, I never really thought they would seriously try out carbonation in yogurt. Yoplait seems to think that kids will dig it. Interestingly, I was told that the other demographic this is being marketed to is “undergraduate males on tight food budgets.” Why am I not surprised?

Cheap Eats eats Fizzix GoGurt from Yoplait

First, I have to admit that I’m a covert virgin. Excuse me, I mean a go-gurt virgin. I’ve never found the need to eat yogurt out of a tube – I’m not orbiting earth after all. Still, I have to admit that I was intrigued with the idea of it being carbonated. The product is called Go-Gurt Fizzix and is made by Yoplait, and comes in boxes of eight 2 1/4 ounce individual tubes. They’re currently selling six flavors – boxes have two flavors each. Mine was Wild Cherry Zing and Strawberry Lemonade Jolt. They also have Blue Raspberry Rage / Strawberry Watermelon Rush and Triple Berry Fusion / Fruit Punch Charge. I sort of wished I got the blue raspberry flavor – a nice Reptilian Tongue is such a blast to stick out at friends.

The tubes are skinny plastic with a riptop so that you can easily suck out the innards. I haven’t had food in a tube like this in awhile, if you don’t count popsicles. Regarding popsicle tubes – I have some really good memories of eating Otter Pops when I was a kid. And as for the most interesting tubed food I’ve had: there’s this Cheese Kamaboko (fishcake) in a tube that I had 7 years ago. Enough said.

Cheap Eats eats Fizzix GoGurt from Yoplait

Strawberry Lemonade Jolt was the first one I tried out. I figured that the yogurt itself would pretty much taste like normal Yoplait, but I seriously didn’t know what to expect as far as the carbonation went. I was a little bit disappointed at how mild the “jolt” was. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it to be like soda but I thought it would tingle a lot more. The fizz in the yogurt is a bit like the low level fizz you get from the carbonation in a drink like Orangina. To be fair, it’s called “fizzy” yogurt which to me seems to imply a weaker amount of carbonation.

The carbonation does seem to stay around for quite awhile, however. It was still there in pretty much the same strength after I got through taking the pics. You’re supposed to eat this right out of the tube, but I wanted to show the yogurt itself so I scooped it out. Turns out the strawberry lemonade flavor is pretty good. Nothing to write home about, though. Average yogurt, a bit on the sweet side.

Cheap Eats eats Fizzix GoGurt from Yoplait

The Wild Cherry Zing will probably be a flavor you want to avoid if you don’t like that artificial cherry taste. It’s very strong in this Fizzix yogurt, but I actually am OK with artificial cherry flavoring so it didn’t bother me.

For some reason, the carbonation seemed to “feel” stronger in the Cherry flavor. I ended up eating several of each and noticed that each time the Cherry Zing seemd more zingy. One thing about the Go-Gurt is that they are quite small (although perfect for lunchtime) so I was easily able to eat 2 or 3 of them without trouble.

Ok, so I wasn’t all that jazzed up about this product beyond its novelty, and even a little disappointed with the carbonation. However, I suspect that the miniscule carbonation will provide that “extra something” which might convince an otherwise yogurt-adverse kid to eat it. The manufacturer takes great pains to point out that Fizzix has the “same great nutrition as Yoplait Go-Gurt.” So I guess if I was getting it for kids, and they were both the same price (need to check on that) then I’d choose the Fizzix over normal Go-Gurt. The price isn’t horrible for a kids novelty item, but normal yogurt would be much cheaper to get.

I guess that would be the end of this review, except that I decided to try and freeze the Fizzix just to see what would happen. The tubes swelled up and expanded, but didn’t break (at least the 3 that I put in the freezer did not explode). I was pleasantly surprised with the frozen yogurt treat that emerged. The carbonation seems to become even more muted, but as a snack it tasted much better this way.

I guess you could get a tub of yogurt and freeze it yourself (or just buy frozen yogurt), but the fact that these were already packaged in a tube made it very convenient. Because it’s yogurt and not completely liquid, it’s a bit more difficult to “push-up”. The frozen yogurt tends to stick to the plastic. Still, I gave the frozen version a bit higher score.

Price: Free (MSRP: $2.50 for 8 2.25 oz)
Found At: Sent in for review
Cheap Eats Score: 4/10 (5/10 frozen)

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  1. Lisa Says:

    I am, sadly, addicted to Go-Gurt. I buy it by the huge box at Costco. I know I should be getting tubs of plain yogurt and then some stuff to mix in, but you can’t beat the convenience of grabbing a tube to go. I agree, they’re definitely better frozen.

    Must try the new fizzy variety sometime!

  2. colinh Says:

    heh i never really liked go gurt, but maybe ill give this a try, good blog you have there by the way

  3. SavingDiva Says:

    I’m going to check this out!

    My coworkers think it sounds gross….but I have to admit I want to know what it tastes like!

  4. Charlotte m Says:

    I absolutely love this product, and so does my son. I have to admit, we are a bit biased because my dad is the inventor. He has been working on this product for over 20 years and I’m so proud to see it finally on the market. I am excited to hear people’s opinions. I am especially excited when people like it. Thanks for giving something new a shot! I hope you decide you just have to have it all the time! ;)

  5. Wilson Says:

    I like weird food and this officially counts as weird food. I saw it at my grocery store and grabbed a box like it was about to fly off the cold shelf… Unlikely. I like it, but agree; the fizz is not as powerful as I need it to be. “More Cowbell!” Oops, I mean, “more fizz!!”… In the words of Celebrity Deathmatch ref/real life judge Mills Lane, “I’ll allow it!”

    I have a hard time feeling like eating this is good for me, though. Not because of the fizz, but because it seems sweeter than it should be, sweeter than other yogurts. Almost as sweet as soda. If your kids are eating snickers bars for lunch then please by all means shove one of these in their faces, but it’s not quite as good for them as a banana. I wouldn’t encourage a kid to eat this over, say, a nectarine, but I would let them chose this as one of their snacks. …But since I’m nearly 30 I’ll just eat the whole box at once and with reckless abandon. And buy another tomorrow.

  6. Darrell Martinsen Says:

    This is a tasty product. I purchased the Fruit Punch/Triple Berry variety. It does, indeed, taste like standard yogurt fare, with a little more perceived sweetness and a little less aftertaste. The fizz is present and is similar in scale to the candy bottle caps; you know it’s there but it’s not strong enough to really pinpoint. Since the cheapeats reviewer got the product free, I’m sure they got their money’s worth, however, the price seemed around 50 to 75 cents more than what is in line with other similar products. Still, this is well worth a try, especially for parents who want to encourage their children to go dairy instead of cake or cookies once in awhile.

  7. Christie Says:

    i absolutely love this yogurt! i tried it in september for the first time, and its a set item on my grocery list now :) ive told everyone i know about it, and they all love it as well.

  8. Carolina Says:

    The Fizzix yogurt tastes really good and when I mean really I mean it.Anyway I really like the way it tastes. I have the bluerapberry and the strawberry watermelon rush

  9. Stace Says:

    This stuff is wicked good. I would give it way more than 5 stars. A truly great food innovation.



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