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4/17/08 | Vienna Sausage

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Oh boy, sorry about the delay with the postingness this week. I was too busy trying to locate the dirty nickels and dimes under the backseat of the Dodge so that I’d have enough coinage to purchase the prime real estate being offered for sale next to the Hollywood sign. I plan on setting up a competing sign that says “Cheap Eats” right next to it in order to get the word out. It’s only 22 million. My word, that’s pocket change after all the cash I saved eating ramen for dinner this year.

Vienna Sausage Woohoo - Cheap Eats at BloglanderIn other news, (the kind that’s based more on things like Reality) the actual reason I’m late is… I was planning on reviewing this little can of Armour Vienna Sausage that I got this week at the Dollar Store. Yes, yes – I know everyone’s shopping at these 99 Cent stores now that there’s a recession. But I got distracted by the prospect of writing a parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” wherein I substitute the “Nevermore” lines with “Dollar Store.” Thusly:

“Once upon a midnight dreary,
While I crammed, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious Cup ‘O Noodles.
Bored, while I nodded, nearly snacking,
Suddenly there came a crackling,
As of Twinkies gently unwrapping,
unwrapping at my dormroom door.
“‘Tis some dude,” I muttered,
“Wanting snacks implores, ‘Hey —
Let’s go to, the Dollar Store’”

Wow, that’s just too much effort to write stuff like that. I don’t know how Alton does it – oh that’s right, he has a gazbillion dollar budget.

Actually, that wasn’t the only reason this review is late. The real reason is that I’ve been staring with trepidation at that stolid little can of Frankenstein Franks on my desk for days now. For some reason, this time around I just didn’t have the courage to pull the tab on top. It didn’t help that somehow I picked out a can that had dents on it. Usually, I’m really careful about checking cans for dents but this one snuck through.

Finally, I got up the nerve to open the can and was greeted by the following wonderful geometrical meat-log layout:

Vienna Sausage Woohoo - Cheap Eats at Bloglander

Boy, they sure cram them in there. Not a millimeter to spare between the snausages. I was actually quite impressed they could fit 7 of the 2 inch logs in the can. I had a bit of a time getting them out without damaging them sort of had to tilt the can upside down and shake, like you do with Spam.

Vienna Sausage Woohoo - Cheap Eats at Bloglander

They were so tightly packed in there that they were stuck together a bit. This is rather nice and dramatic for taking pictures, as seen above. It’s almost like – cut fingers. Man, I needed to wipe that thought out of my head before tasting them.

I’m familiar with Vienna sausages – I always thought of them as Earthquake food. If you don’t live in California, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Well, it’s a good idea to keep a cache of canned food, water and a safety kit in several places in the house (and at work, and in your car) just in case The Big One™ doth strike.

The more preservatives in the food – the better. Otherwise, you’re going to have replace those cans every few years. Or not, I guess. Twinkies…

Anyhow, they’re made of chicken, beef and pork in chicken broth. I won’t begin to speculate on what parts of the three various animals are used. To me, they’re very similar to hot dogs in ingredients. However, they’ve got a “special” smell that’s hard to describe. If you’ve ever had Corned Beef Hash from a can, that’s what it smells like. Maybe also similar to Spam. My advice: Do Not Stop to Smell the Sausages. No. Proceed to mouth, pass go, and collect your $200.

The consistency is also a bit different than hot dogs. There is no “snap” whatsoever when you bite into one. It’s like a paté or something. It’s not as “fatty” as spam is. The taste is – well, interesting. I want to say it’s sort of bologna-ish. But not as good. Armour claims that they are the #1 brand of Vienna Sausage in America. All I can say is, I sure would not like to taste the #3 or #4 brand…

There is some occasional speck of “grit” you’ll notice when eating these. I was wondering if it’s ground up bone or something. I think any irregularities are more noticeable than in other meat puree products because the texture of Vienna Sausages is so fine.

Vienna Sausage Woohoo - Cheap Eats at Bloglander

To be truthful, I could only eat two of these doggies. That’s probably a good thing, since the recommended dosage is only three. And with that you get 17% of your total fat (19% of saturated fat), 14% of your cholesterol and 17% of your sodium. I ate mine at room temperature, plain. I was wondering – are there recipes for these Vienna Sausages? Is there a Vienna Sausage Cult I don’t know about? I’ve only had them plain, usually impaled on a toothpick as some sort of hors d’oeuvres. I wonder if people actually cook with them.

I don’t think they’ll be making a move into the main cupboard. For me, they’re going to remain as Earthquake Food rations. But at 50 cents for the one can, they seem like a decent buy for emergency food.

Edit: I actually fried up the remainder in a pan the next day, and I have to say they tasted a whole lot better. Still salty like heck, but if you eat it with toast or rice, it’s fine.

Price: $0.50 for 5oz can (7 sausages)
Found At: Dollar Store
Cheap Eats Score: 5/10

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  1. J:M Says:

    I like Vienna Sausage, but not raw. I can’t imagine eating it without doing my routine on it. Basically the routine is to pan fry it with half a teaspoon of butter til it’s barely crispy/brown. Eat it with eggs, and that’s my breakfast! I’ve tasted it raw and it tastes disgusting. =D

  2. THOR Says:

    In contrast to the first comment, I’ve only ever VS raw. I kinda grew up on them alongside fried SPAM. I shied away from them once I realized a single little can was something like 55% of my DRV of fat for a day. Every once in a while I get a can of the lite ones just for nostalgia’s sake; mebbe I’ll try incorporating them into a breakfast like subby #1.

  3. Grey Says:

    Hee! I’ve eaten these raw and cooked (at $0.44/can, sometimes it’s all the meat you can afford). That said, I have chopped them up to put in pasta dishes, such as macaroni and cheese. Hidden in there, the taste and smell is a bit diminished – which I think is for the good of the planet.

  4. Ashley Says:

    *GAG* That stuff is N-A-S-T-Y!! I never liked them EVER. My younger bro, on the other hand…loved them. He would eat them raw or buy the different flavors (bbq) but mom never cooked them for him. For Earthquake food, you should get your hands on some MREs (military food). Just Sayin’ ;)

  5. kftgr Says:

    Definitely do not eat them “raw” (they’re fully cooked). Do brown them or throw them in the rice cooker when the cooker button “pops” and is just steaming off.

  6. Leigh Ann Says:

    the crazy thing about these is when you eat them, you will taste them when you belch as much as three or four days later. We used to eat them when we were kids and that was always the running joke – belching vienna sausages a week later.

  7. skibs Says:

    Brings back memories. I used to put 2 or 3 vienna sausages on a slice of white bread and mash it down with a fork, spreading it across the bread. Then top with another piece of bread.

    Definitely cheap eats if you share a can with someone. And not a bad way to enjoy these freaky little sausages.

  8. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    JM, THOR – I think I’m going to try frying them up tomorrow morning. If they’re anything like fried Spam that’ll be great.

    Grey – I heard some people put chunks of spam in mac n cheese, so that would probably be similar. 44 cents a can is pretty good…

    Ashley – someone told me about MREs once, I’ve been meaning to look at it. Where do you get them, at a specialty store?

    kftgr – Does it give the rice a nice flavor? I was wondering if you could also do that with spam.

    Leigh Ann – oh yes, I noticed the taste following me around – and I only ate two of them.

    skibs – I forgot to mention that the smell is sorta like Deviled Ham which we also used to put on bread. I thought about smashing them up onto bread too: well, maybe I will since there’s 5 of them left!

  9. Rose Says:

    when I was younger I could ingest the bbq or HOT flavored ones, they are swimming in some red sauce. and arent….terrible. well they are but better than plain ones.

    my father still eats the regular ones, or used to. I’m not sure if he does lately.

  10. Jess Says:

    When I was little, I would have them slice in half, on top of a slice of cheese on a club cracker. I totally remember it being one of my favorite snacks, and occasionally I peel the skin off before I ate it.

    I remember liking potted meat as well, but I was a bit uncouth and would use my finger to eat it.

    I see the potted meat and vienna sausages in stores, and part of me wants to buy them, as I remember them being awesome and tasty, and the other part of me says “that stuff isn’t at all good for you, and you know you don’t know quite what’s in it, and blahblahblah and what will everyone else think????”, and so I never buy it. Oh well.

  11. THOR Says:

    Cheap Eater, if you do, let us know in a follow-up (comment or post) please.

  12. Jenna Says:

    -Shudder- I think I’ll keep on skipping these when I stock my tornado box (I can handle death from the sky, but all that ground moving is just unnatural!).

    To me these are a remider of my dad. Happiest I have ever seen him was one weekend not too long ago when my mother was out of town. He sat on the porch in his ripped up jeans, a faded flannel shirt, and guzzled down a few bottles of sourkraut juice and and wolfed down for cans of the VS.

    Mom prepares meals now when she leaves…. and has the neighbors check to make sure he isn’t going grocery shopping while she is gone!

  13. Cricket Says:

    Reminds me the little cans of potted meat from the movie Slingblade. Remember, they say there’s chicken peckers in there or something. Oh, you can remove the salt, supposedly, by boiling them in water along with a potato.

  14. Karen Says:

    I have a can of Vienna sausage in the pantry as a hurricane supply, but haven’t had the courage to actually eat it despite several hurricanes and power outages of up to nine days.

    Better options are tinned tuna in water, corned beef, sardines, Alaskan wild-caught salmon, mackerel and my dollar store carries a very decent 1 pound canned ham for $2. All of these are quite economical.

    All canned chicken I have ever tried is beyond dry to be virtually inedible, however, in an emergency it would provide protein.

    I love the flavor of corned beef hash when chilled, sliced into patties and fried, but the splatter mess in your kitchen is so bad I bought an expensive stainless steel splatter screen specifically for this purpose, and it is a pain to clean, but not as bad as cleaning the entire stove, hood and walls around it. We don’t have crispy fried corned beef hash often, but it’s lovely when I’m in the mood to contend with it.

    During hurricane power outages, we cook on the deck on the Coleman stove, so corned beef hash features more often, but I still use the splatter screen to keep down third degree burns!

    You’ll need to keep a stock of batteries for flashlights and radios, propane for the stove and lantern if you have it. An extra propane tank for your gas grill is a good idea. Paper plates and utensils, paper towels, napkins, candles, and firearms and ammo. If the bottom really falls out, our government has shown us during the Katrina disaster we are on our own.

  15. MintWrecker Says:

    back when i was just a kiddo i liked to pop open a can rinse the VS, split them in half, top a saltine cracker and watch after-school special all whilst trying to ignore that i was eating gelatinous bits of pork beef and chicken on salted crackers.

  16. talkysmurf Says:

    Okay, I ate these all the time growing up. First you got to rinse the things off before you eat them, then stick them on a saltine and munch. And yes, occasionally I still eat them now. They are great, and with these gas prices it is about all I can afford…..

  17. Elicia Basoli Says:

    You are a brave brave soul! I’m a pretty picky eater and don’t ever see myself eating a Vienna Sausage or spam for that matter. Well, maybe if I was on Fear Factor, I might have to take the sausage plunge.

  18. J Says:

    hehe, nothing to do with the sausages, but growing up, my grandma had the same plates as shown in the photo!

  19. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    rose – There are spicy ones? I may have to check those out…

    jess – I’ve eyed the potted meat too, I think the name itself would make for some great jokes and whatnot if I did review it.

    thor – I did fry them, and they were much, much better! Still gives you the vienna sausage burps though. =)

    karen – I have to agree w/ you about canned chicken, I just wasn’t a fan of it. I’ll have to look into the $2 1lb ham.

    mintwrecker – yes the gelatin coating the sausages is a bit unappealing. I guess another good reason to fry them up.

    talkysmurf – I would like to invent a car powered on vienna sausage…

    elicia – spam is actually quite delicioussss

    j – you’d be surprised how often ppl say that! We like taking pics on vintage plates, most of it is second hand from the thrift store – which i guess is also keeping in the cheap eats tradition!

  20. sha Says:

    as a kid, these were always stored at our friend’s riverhouse, so it’s nostalgic for me to have them in pancakes! her grandmother used to make pancakes & put sliced discs of vienna sausages in the shape of a smiley face. with maple syrup, it’s pretty tasty, especially if the sausages get a little crisped in the pan.

  21. ancient_buho Says:

    I ate this very frequently when I was young – and even in the university cafeteria. They cut them in little pieces, stewed them with spices, garlic, chicken stock and mixed them with rice (forming yellow rice/sausage) and served them with beans. Actually this was one of the better school cafeteria dishes – and I still eat this today as cheap at-work dish :)

  22. Daniel Says:

    I agree. They are cheap. I have seen them on sale…three cans for 99 cents. Where else can you buy a can of meat for less than a postage stamp? They are great in omelletes. Yummy.

  23. Red Icculus Says:

    The thing that made me laugh was the “geometrical meat-log layout”. You have guts. Formed meat pate freaks me out!

  24. Nemi Says:

    I must admit, I eat them straight from the can. I love them. I’s pretty sad.

    I’ve never actually coked them.

  25. yummyummm Says:

    you could combine these with your getto mcmuffins! cut them up and cook them up like your hotdogs you use and they wouldn’t be half-bad i don’t think.

  26. Angel Says:

    the best way to eat them is cold with the gelatin rinsed off. then place them on regular white bread in a single row like a regular hot dog. but, i have to admit i’ve stopped eating them when i discovered what’s in them….it’s the leftover of the leftovers. ugh! I was quite saddened.

  27. Joshua Says:

    In high school, I worked at a locally-owned grocery store. I never had much money, and I was always pretty thrifty (on a date, it’s called cheap, I guess…).

    Anyway…one day, we were stocking some mac-n-cheese boxes (Flavorite, the standard generic brand in these parts, whether it’s canned goods or anything else food-wise). They had the noodles and the pouch of “REAL!” cheese sauce. A couple boxes were smashed in the case, so they went in the damaged pile (to be taken back by the vendor). I got the pouch of cheese sauce, and bought a can of VS for my break. Cut a corner off the pouch, and squeezed a bit on each sausage. It was pretty good (the sauce was basically like liquid-y Velveeta). Then again, I like salty food…a lot.

  28. Jeff Says:

    I eat these things all the time. It’s true, the price of a can of these is pretty much unbeatable if you’re a bum like me who needs some emergency protein on a daily basis. I have to say though, I personally can’t stand the Armour brand. Libby’s makes a better sausage, in my opinion. The chicken sausages win over the regular ones, but I’m not usually picky (obviously, since I’m eating them in the first place).

    My favorite way to eat them is over white rice, topped with cream of mushroom soup. I’ve put them in everything though, from spaghetti to fried rice, and I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed. Also, if you don’t care too much about your heart, they go great with ramen, which is about as cheap as it gets. One can plus one packet, and you’ve got yourself a $0.60 lunch or dinner.

    Speaking of which, time to eat… :-)

  29. reese Says:

    I luuurv canned VS!

    I usually chop them in really small “tater tots” pieces then cook them in loads of extra virgin olive oil with a too many thyme and rosemary till their skin gets really brown and crisp. I toss the bunch with rice and eat this load when I’m pulling an all-nighter.

    But then I’m working on a student’s budget so anything that fills the tummy is okay w me. Or maybe I just like salty, oily food. You should try it! =>

  30. Irene Says:

    they taste better if you cook them in a pan, then add some sugar (first!), then add shoyu (a.k.a. soy sauce) over the sugar so it doesn’t burn. the sauce will thicken and it will taste better. you can also add sugar and soy sauce to eggs, then eat the VS, eggs, and have some rice for breakfast. :)

  31. yummyumm Says:

    just tried these from walmart (44 cents), decided i would try the smoke flavor ones just to be different, and had to toss them after eating 2… its like eathing slight-meat flavored foam!

  32. Emma Says:

    I actually enjoyed these. My dad bought a whole pack of them (18 cans in the package). I was a little scared to try them. I had them raw the first time. At first, the texture threw me off, and I didn’t want a second bite, but I took the next bite and enjoyed it. Then I tried I sticking them in the microwave, and that was better. I might also cooked them in a skillet with some butter, parsley, curry, and pepper and that was delicious. IT taste good with soy sauce and pepper too.

    The one I have is Libby’s Vienna Sausages and they are not salty.
    The fat content is intense though, so I try have one a day at maximum.

  33. sammy jo Says:

    I used to eat vienna sausages when I was a kid… and now my kids all but love them. I’m not sure if it is the nastalgia that keeps me eating them, or maybe I’m crazy for, I don’t exacly think they’re yummy…. but they really aren’t gross…. if you’ve never tried them, its at least worth being able to say you did whether you like, hate, or are indifferent…. if I ever meet, in person, a human being over the age of… well just any person…. I don’t know, I may suffer a severe psycological disorder or somethin… just try them

  34. sammy jo Says:

    ps I can’t imagine it was the “cheapest eat” when I was a kid as back then I lived with my parents who were quite well off at the time… far from rich… but my dad was uber uber picky on buying anything “cheap” …how un american!!! =P

  35. DANNY Says:

    try crushing them and putting the paste on a saltine with hot sauce.
    that’s how i eat them.

  36. Millie Says:

    I’m from Puerto Rico and Vienna Sausages are the classic poor-man’s food. I eat them raw and I eat them in rice.

    Throw the sausages in a pot with whatever condiment/flavor/spice you like. Sofrito or garlic powder works fine. Brown them a bit, then pour rice and water over them, just as if you were making white rice in a pot. Stew everything together, occasionally stirring the rice while it absorbs the water.

    In Puerto Rico, the rice is usually colored/flavored with annatto to give it color and taste in addition to the sausages. I live in Ohio and my local Giant Eagle store carries Goya Sazon products that have annatto. I’m sure you can find it in other stores across the U.S.

    I love making rice with vienna sausages, it’s cheap and filling and really quick to make.

  37. jack Says:

    I am addicted to these things. I’ve only recently started to eat them and when I first had them I thought they were terrible. But I am not one to waste food and I had bought 3 cans originally. So I tried microwaving them and mixing them with rice and beans. Turns out well. They are horrible raw though.

  38. trisha Says:

    YUhhh i sell these at my dads jamaican grocery store .a lot of carribean locals buy it and one day i decided to try it out …yeah they look weird when they come out form the can but if you cut them up in pieces and then fry them theyre reall goodd its fast and cheap food to make but i probably wont stock it in my pantry cuz i dont know wut its made of…but all in all its good protein for when your too lazy to cook.

  39. Heather Says:

    This site cracks me up!! Every person that I talk to hates them!! I love them! I wrap mine into a tortilla with shredded cheese (cheddar) and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. I make them into vienna sasuage wraps! :o) delicious!

  40. Rosie Says:

    I buy the big 24 packages at coscto LOL I love them and my husband likes them a lot , I usually rinse them in cold water to remove a little of salt and when Im really hungry and lazy I mash a few add some ketchup and mayo and make a very a nice dip to eat with crackers or a spread for bread.:-)

  41. Roger Says:

    I think you are right about not making this a steady part of your diet. They do have a fair amount of fat. But not all is lost. Why not learn how to make your own. They are not hard to make. This may not make them cheaper, but you would know what they were made out of, and how much fat was in them. I like to make pigs in a blanket with them. Then I take them with me when I need a snack.

  42. Lee Says:

    I like them grilled

  43. Emmy Says:

    Oh yeah, the sausages!!! Fond memories. When I was young and poor, we used to buy them on sale, (4 for a dollar, if you can believe it), then get the store brand biscuits that come in a tube (also dirt cheap) wrap the VS in the raw dough, throw ‘em in the oven. Good after bar, and even better for breakfast. I have intentionally never read the ingredients, ignorance is bliss.

  44. jackie Says:

    ahh the old stand by of VS. I am ashamed to say that i have a pantry full of them. As a mother of 7 month old twins anything cheap, fast and easy gets very high marks in my book. The sad part is that before my twins were born i cooked every day, most times twice a day and i love to cook, now however i am lucky if i get the chance to shower before 2 in the afternoon. I have never reaad the ingredients either, for the same reason as Emmy, igborance is truly bliss.

  45. Mani Says:

    I LOVE them!! And so does my son.

  46. Says:

    Your right about the bone thing for the grit.It is called
    “mechanically seperated poultry” which is a paste-like
    product made by forcing bone and tissue through a sieve
    to seperate bone from tissue. Usda made the rule effective
    to be put on the the label November 4, 1996. So my guess is some of that grit just might be little particles of tiny bone that
    had made its way thru the sieve. No harm has come from it yet though, so consume away!! Just thought you’d like to know.

  47. Orlo Dinklehof Says:

    Gad, I remember that they tasted very salty, like dog food smells and with the texture of sawdust. Much worse than wieners and they are bad enough!

  48. Rich Grise Says:

    Hi; new to the thread. I’m just sitting here having a can for lunch, raw,
    and wondered to myself, “what can you do with VS besides eat it
    raw, right out of the can? So I googled, “what’s vienna sausage for?”
    without the quotes, and this list was about hit #3. ;-)

    Now I’ve gotta try frying little slices to throw into the Mac &C. ;-)

    I wonder if it has any fiber in there along with the pencil sharpener shavings and the stuff that they sweep up off the floor? ;-D


  49. Karl Schneider Says:

    I’m not very squeamish so I don’t mind mystery meat now and then…but there is definitely an ick factor with these things. :D

    Now since this reminds me of an old joke I will tell it:

    A lady in a diner asks the waiter “Do you have a special today?”

    “Yes, we do”, he replies, “we have a nice boiled tongue luncheon plate today!”

    “Ewww”, she says, “I couldn’t ever eat something that came out of a cow’s mouth…just give me an omelet”

    heh heh

  50. Carrie Says:

    Hilarious!! I love them! I eat them straight out of the can. My husband on the other hand, WILL NOT even try one and makes pukey sounds when I eat them. However, he will eat a pickled pork foot without thinking twice (ugh! and i am the gross one??) :-)

  51. Jared Says:

    I am a Vienna Sausages conesiur! I eat them plain out of the can just as a snack! I’ll run cold water into the can to wash out the slime they come in. Sometimes I’ll eat two cans at a time! Amour is deffinetly a better brand. Libby’s kinda sucks. They dont have as much flavor. I’m getting ripped off though. The grocery store sells these between $0.95 -$1.15. If they were $0.50 a can I would have a whole cupboard full!

  52. Mike Says:

    I have a good diet and eat ‘normal’ stuff for the most part. I have NOT eaten anything that could be considered ‘fast food’ like McDonalds and the like, for almost 15 years. I like sushi and a nice steak dinner….but I still have the wife pick me up about 6 cans each time she goes to the store. Good for a quick snack mid yard work or something. Raw is good… can……eat them with a fork………throw can away…wipe mouth on sleeve….back to work.
    Lunch done in 3 minutes

  53. LF3 in ATL Says:

    I just googled to learn more about these bad boys. I bought a case of 18 cans of Libby’s yesterday at Sam’s Club for less than $7, or .38 per can! I ate a whole can raw for my lunch and even drank the “chicken broth!” By mid-afternoon I had a headache like never before. Even now, 24 hours later I still have it! Reading the submissions above, I realized I mis-read the label. 1 serving = 3 links! Can says servings in the can = 2.5. That would be 7.5 links. It contains 7, just like the Armour ones pictured above. Number one ingredient is mechanically separated chicken. Does that mean “ground up” or what?
    what do I do with the remaining 17 cans?? Store for disaster I guess.

  54. Ashamed Says:

    I actually love Vienna Sausages– deep-seated shame ensues. Are there any support groups out there for people like me who actually consume these “food” items?

  55. wildcard Says:

    I love Vienna Sausages, I eat them almost daily right out of the can. Spend some time in uniform and these things will seem like gourmet meals.

    Plus i am a poor SOB and can’t afford to spend more than about a $2 spot for lunch.

  56. Melbee Says:

    My mom says she ate these religiously through-out her pregnancy with me. I had them a few times through my childhood. They were good I thought! Only ever had them straight from a can. I tried them again in my teen years and I found them to taste horrible. I wasn’t a fan of the mushy texture either.

  57. LEADHEAD Says:

    The ultimate white trash hourderve,
    Bacon wrapped with jalapeno, skewered and grilled.
    The chicken ones are better, and use smoky maple bacon.

  58. Andy Says:

    I just bought a can of these today at my local grocery store for 37 cents on sale! I love these things (have since I was a little kid!) I am 21 and I still eat them the same way as I did when I was younger. Straight out of the can, I wash them off with water, then dry them and dip them in ketchup and mustard. Sometimes I put them on saltine crackers with a slice of cheese, but that is when I am feeling fancy. I am a college student, so I live off of cheap food (Ramen noodles, vienna sausages, anything free really) and these at 37 cents a can are about as cheap as you can get!

  59. Rhino Bob Says:

    I ate these things as a kid: cold and on a saltine cracker. They were fine. I think I remember eating them cut into slices and scrambled with eggs. But what I really remember was the old cans. The ones you opened with a key that came attached to the top, not the modern pull out top cans. They were the absolute best device for cutting out home made bisquits (southern American, not British) ever made. Just the right size with a sharp cutting edge. Of course you could easily slice your finger with these or while opening the can.

  60. GM Says:

    They are fairly edible if sufficiently doctored. For a real difference try imitation vienna sausages. DO NOT read the label. Let’s just say the beef lips and pork spleens are a real turn off.

  61. Chicago Fats Says:

    I eat them regularly. Cold. I don’t rinse anything off or do anything other than stick my dirty fingers in the can and stuff them down my gullet. One night I ate 4-5 cans and washed them down with scotch and cheap Texas Lone Star Beer. You have way more things to worry about dying from than some canned fatty sausage, love it! My girlfriend is sitting here and agrees. We are good looking healthy people that exercise all the time. Our dogs also love them, we share…. The price scares me, the taste I never even thunk twice about, as far as having flaming shits or bad burps, i’ve never really had that problem. I did see the cases today at HEB in Texas and it was 7.99 USD for I think 24 cans. I know they work as good bait if you are fishing, FYI, although they won’t stay on the hook very long as they come apart easy. Happy sausage eating! Great BLOG! Great comments! –

  62. Kimberlyn Says:

    Oh… How I love vienna sausage.
    I don’t eat them often, because unless I’m craving them, they make me sick.
    And on the rare occasion that I actually eat them, I eat all 7 straight from the can; raw.
    They also taste better cold, by the way.
    Room temperature is kind of egh…

  63. Jamie Says:

    I actually like vienna sausages. I’ve never had them straight from the can though. I heat them up, put a little Texas Pete on them and dip them in mustard.

  64. MzDani Says:

    I’m eating them right now , but first I wash them then I put them in the microwave for about 30 sec. My grandpa got me started on eating them when I was like…..2 years old. Now I’m 10 and still doing it. P.S. I like them as a snack becuase my mom doesn’t buy alot of snacks. My grandma buys my vienna sausage.

  65. Brian Says:

    LOVE ‘EM! Never cook them, just open the can, rinse the gelatin (sometimes), cut them in half long-ways and make a sandwich with Hellman’s mayo and French’s yellow mustard. Four or five sausages on the sammy, with the remainder on the side whole.

    I prefer Armour by far, but it’s weird — I’ll go months without seeing them in the supermarket (even though they still carry Libby’s, Goya, etc.) and then one day they’re back. I guess I didn’t realize Armour Vienna Sausages had a “growing season.”


  66. Mike Green Says:

    I accidentally found your site after googling ‘Vienna Sausage’ and after reading your blog entry and the comments I went out and bought four cans to reminisce. This time I got the 50% less fat Armour Vienna Sausage.

    Yes, Vienna Sausage was the 5-star dish growing up in the Caribbean. Growing up, I nor my friends had much so we ate a lot of canned dishes. I loved Vienna Sausage and did everything I could do to spice it up. From frying it till its crispy to mashing the sausage over some toasted bread and then eating it with scrambled eggs.

    I moved to the States a decade ago and I found that when it comes to tin foods people tend to turn the other way. I wonder if some folks think that by eating tin foods thats a symbolism of being poor or low class?

  67. Susan McNutt Says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed this hard. I love the pictures. And yes, I know the smell of canned corned beef hash(Alpo). I have a love-hate relationship with “vienny weinies”. Some days I scarf them down and others I can’t bear the smell which is not always the same. I prefer Libby’s and I too buy them from the Dollar Store. I love the comment about eating them raw and drinking the gelatin. Whoa, hardcore! As a child we ate it cut in half and fried on white bread with Miracle Whip. If we got hungry in between meals we had white bread spread with butter and a ton of sugar poured on it. Bon Appetite!

  68. Susan McNutt Says:

    Opps. Mispelled Bon Appetit.

  69. Susan McNutt Says:

    Opps. Mispelled Bon Appetit. I mean oops.



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