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El Pollo Loco 4 Dollar Meals - Cheap Eats at BloglanderMan, I really apologize for yet another lame post. My sleeping schedule has just been zonked out lately, I feel like a zombie.

If you should decide to forgive me, here is a quickie on El Pollo Loco. Like nearly every fast food restaurant, they’re under the gun to promote some really cheap food to get customers in the door. I never saw so many 99 cent menus in my life. One day, I’m going to have to review them all (yeah, right).

However, EPL also has an under 4 dollar meal which is decent. There are 4 different choices. They are:

2 Pieces chicken leg/thigh, tortillas, plus 1 side
Crunchy Taco, BRC burrito, plus 1 side
Classic Chicken Burrito, Taquito, plus 1 side
3 Tacos al Carbon, plus 1 side

Lately on Wednesdays, I’ve been ordering El Pollo Loco to-go after the nightly rollerhockey game. I’ve been somewhat shocked to see the place jumping at 8:30 at night. It took nearly 20 minutes to get my food. It must be because it’s one of the healthier options for fast food. Maybe a lot of folks coming home after a late workday would rather pick that up than KFC. I dunno. I just know that the $3.99 meals are rather nice because you can pick the side. I usually get salad, or mac n cheese.

Their menu says the side is limited to Rice, Pinto Beans, or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – but ours lets you order whatever you want. Sometimes instead of the 4 dollar meal, I mess around with their dollar menu which we’ve posted about favorably before. Or, I just get the 2 piece chicken / 2 side meal w/out the drink which comes out to about $5. I’ll probably do one or the other tomorrow – if I don’t fall alseep while waiting for the food.

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  1. Helen Forrest Says:

    Man, I wish we had somewhere like El Pollo Loco in the UK, it looks healthier than KFC and has more choice. Although we have a Mexican chains called Chiquetos, Taco Bell has never come over here. The only mainstream chicken place we have is KFC although there are tons and tons of similar named places, often halal.

    It’s weird, as fajita kits and burrito kits to make at home are really popular, so I’m not sure they Mexican chains aren’t. I for one would rather eat Mexican than McDonalds or KFC.



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