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6/2/09 | Yoo-Hoo

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Yoo-Hoo - Cheap Eats at Bloglander

Oh, wonderful innocence and naivete for consumables. You have been lost in the hallowed halls of time. It pains me to say this, but Yoo-Hoo is not really chocolate milk. ‘Tis a chocolate drink.


Well, actually it’s been awhile since I realized that not all “chocolate milk” is really chocolate milk. I would say that it occured somewhere between the time I found out Santa Claus was not REALLY a jolly red and white, coke-gulping senior citizen with a facial hair problem, and the time I discovered that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express tag team were not in fact double-dropkicking their opponents fo’ reals.

Yes, Virginia – wrestling is fake.

In any case, it’s not like they say anywhere on the box that Yoo-hoo is actually chocolate milk. And it does contain non-fat dry milk. And it has whey – uh, better known as milk plasma. You know, little Miss Muffett sat on her tuffett eating her curds and milk plasma.


Still, I have good interesting memories with the Yoo-hoo drink. I remember having them at baseball games. Yes, we were the team that always won the championships. However, I was not the player who always hit or caught the ball. In fact, I think I was more concerned with the quality and quantity of the refreshments that parents bought to the games. Oh Kevin’s mom – you think you can get away bringing that fake Pic’n’Save Kool-aid crap to the game?


There were a few parents who insisted on bringing Yoo-hoo to the game. When I first tried it, I thought it tasted like Chocolate Spit. I dunno, something to do with the amount of HFCS, xanthum gum or corn syrup solids, but it had a really gummy taste to it. Not to mention the fakey chocolate milk taste. Eventually, I grew to learn to drink it, but I was never a big fan. Then again, I never really liked pre-mixed chocolate milk. It had to be the kind you poured and mixed yourself. Nestlé Quik rabbit coming at ya full force.


Yoo-Hoo - Cheap Eats at Bloglander

If you fast-forward, I hadn’t probably had a sip of Yoo-hoo in 25 years. So when I saw this 3 pack at the store I had to pick it up for a buck. These seemed to be seriously small containers at 6.5 ounces each. But I guess it’s about half a can of soda or so. Maybe it’s better it’s such a small package, considering the waist sizes of Americans today.

With my new adult taste buds, I was a little more forgiving of the flavor. In addition, it could be my imagination, but it seems to feel less mucous-like than before. (Side Note: someone needs to make a product called Mucilage Milk. I would try it.) I did make the mistake of drinking this at room temperature first. The flavor improved greatly when I chilled it. Speaking of drinking it at room temperature – apparently Yoo-hoo is known to have a (and I quote from Wikipedia) “famously open-ended shelf life” for a milk product. Mine actually did have “best if used by” dates of April 25, 2010. Actually when I first read the date, I thought it said April 2510! That would be some really old milk product.


I’m also rather glad that they haven’t gone the “sugar-free” route. I can’t stand the mouthfeel that fakey sugar substitute drinks of any kind inflict on your tongue. Yes, yes Diet Dr. Pepper is still fake Dr. Pepper to me. Yoo-hoo does have a little bit of an aftertaste, but I don’t think that’s due to the sweetener. Especially seeing as how real honest to goodness delicious High Fructose Corn Syrup is the second ingredient on the box list.

I guess I wasn’t terribly disappointed with Yoo-hoo after so many years. If anything, my impression of this faux chocolate milk has improved slightly. However, my baseball skills have not. In fact, I am currently being chosen next to last whenever the guys get together for softball games during the holidays. This is OK with me since I have gained the secret knowledge that prowess with the bat occurs as a semi-compensation for personal “bat-length”.


Price: $1.00 for 3 boxes (6.5 oz ea)
Found At: Dollar Store
Cheap Eats Score: 5/10

[Editor's Note: Man, I was trying to work in some Imperial Teen into this article, but then I realized no one would no what I was talking about... ... ... ... see what I mean?]

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  1. Andrea (Off Her Cork) Says:

    Oh man I loved Yoo-hoo! When I was in middle school, I had to walk to and from school and it was a long ass way. I stopped by a deli to pick up some yoo-hoo and a bag of onion rings when I had the cash. Good times!

    And we always had Nesquik in the house! Old school style with the metal containers you had to pop open with your spoon. :D

  2. Marvo Says:

    Ovaltine FTW!

    I didn’t drink much Yoo-hoo growing up. I did drink a lot of Chocolate Soldier and Quik (before it was called Nesquik).

  3. Cheap Eats Editor Says:

    @andrea – I remember those metal containers! Awesome, I need to go and check if my mom still has the same one – apparently she used to refill the old container…

    @marvo – OMG I have too many Ovaltine stories to tell. Mostly my brother eating an entire jar with a spoon and getting hives, plus 10,000% RDA of various vitamins, haha… Chocolate Soldier – I’ve heard of it, but I’m not sure if I had it before.

  4. chuck in chicago Says:

    Never had Yoo-hoo as a kid, being an Ovaltine or a Quik fan myself, but I did try it once a couple of years ago. I won’t make THAT mistake again! It tasted like a weak, chocolate-flavored version of Liquid Paper!

  5. Megan Says:

    Imperial Teen rocks… Roddy Bottum of FNM fame :) He has a twitter, btw. And it’s quite entertaining usually.



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