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7/28/10 | Chicken McNuggets

[ Currently Eating: Mushroom n Egg Bread Thingy ]

I could see this becoming a really bad habit.

No, not the McFuggets. Er, McNuggets. I mean these short Just Because posts. They are oh-so-easier to write than longer “normal” product reviews.

I wonder if this is the way down – the way a semi-interesting, semi-humorous, semi-famous blog slowly sinks below the sea of Blogspots and Facebook walls.

Or, I wonder if this is the way that 5 year old food blogs survive. Short and sweet with gratuitous links to old longer posts.

Ah well, just McFuggetaboutit.

I took full advantage the other day of the 20 piece Chicken McNugget deal for $4.99. But seriously how can a nearly-40-year-old, processed-chicken-starved food reviewer resist them? How, I asks ya?

I actually really like McNuggets, though I know it’s partly to do with me getting brainwashed by Happy Meal commercials in the early 80s.

That’s 1980, young guns. I mean young’uns.

I just wanted to see how many McSnuggets I could eat in one sitting without feeling queasy. The answer, surpisingly, is 14. Surprising, because I thought I was far, far more gluttonous (gluttonousy?) than that.

Looks like there’s a glimmer of hope for curtailing that ever-increasing waistline after all…

[ Currently Eating: Hot Weather, Hot Dogs ]

Um yes. A Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.

I ate this while sitting in my underwear.

You know, how do you say, just because.

P.S. – this will be a new Cheap Eats category, where I just put up any old picture with minimal text. Just because.

Have a nice bacon wrapped day.



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