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[ Currently Eating: Hope, that friends in Japan are OK ]

Jeebus. Yes, I know – I could’ve picked a better post to stage a comeback on Cheap Eats. You know how it goes, and so on and so on.

This Wednesday March 23, 2011, Popeye’s is offering their Payday Special where you can get 8 pieces of mixed fried chicken for only $4.99.

Am I going down to the closest one to check it out? Absolutely. Am I going to eat all that chicken? I highly doubt it. I’ll probably go pick it up, take it to our pickup hockey game, and then give it all away. Maybe I’ll eat a piece, especially if you hold me down and fart soliloquies in my face. You extra-talented sphincter. And so on.

Muggle buggle, I am done.

Editor’s Note: I hope that all the food blogger peeps in Japan have made it through OK. I have family in Japan, but they were all in the Tokyo area, so while times are a bit tougher, it’s not as bad. I feel terrible for the people in the north and near the coast – hope the recovery there goes quickly.



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