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10/20/14 | A Fond Farewell

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Hey theres everyones.

Just a quick note to say that I’m going to be archiving this site indefinitely ASAP. I’ve no idea if anyone from the heyday of Cheap Eats is around, but if so – just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a lot of fun memories blogging. This site was the first blog I created (way back in 2004, good god egads that is 10 years ago) that actually had some success in terms of popularity, media, massive free food samples, and in bringing in a bit of income. “Blogs” – dang, that’s so old school now isn’t it? The world has kinda sorta moved on…

I hadn’t posted here in over 3 years – originally the idea around 2011 was to try and restart the blog and take advantage of the new 2.0 social media hijinks and whatnot. And connect with old blogging friends. And also to make a massive pile of moola. That didn’t work so well, mainly because I’m stil stuck in the late 90s dotcom mentality as far as web stuff goes, and I’m anti-social what the hey. I gave up and just stopped posting. All the facebooking, redditing, instagramming, vining, And So On.. it’s just beyond me. I’m fricken old, not gold. So I’ll leave it to all the young kids with their pumped up kicks to kick up the Cheap Eats. You know wtf lol lmao how to shiznet this – so get to it! (Also, I am in the feels for all y’alls for the student loans you will be paying off for 10 years to come. Remember that ramen noodles may be kicked up notches many times.)

I actually finally got this wordpress install upgraded to the near-latest version. But I just don’t feel the passion for it anymore, and the thought of continually dealing with teh Upgrades fills me with Dread with a mofo capital Dee. Ah WordPress, you served me well and helped pay my morty-gage, but in the end – fuggle off and suck my Slim Jim.

So, byebye. Bye, and then another bye. Bye squared. Cheap eats out late. And don’t let the bastards get you down. And so on and so forth.

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