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This site is dedicated to Cheap Eats. I guess you could call this a Food Blog of sorts. I guess.

That’s right the main focus of this site is, in fact, Cheap Eats.

Note that I didn’t say, “GOOD eats” (sorry Alton), “SERIOUS eats”, “TASTY eats”, “HOMEMADE eats”, “LOW FAT eats”, “QUICK eats”, “ATKINS eats” or “ECOLOGICALLY SAFE eats”. If any of the tips, recipes, or techniques contained on this site can in fact be described in any of those ways, it is merely a by-product of our quest to investigate anything and everything there is to know about cheap eats. Yes, any other quality is deemed a happy (or unhappy) accident.

That isn’t to say that we’re talking about actual HUMAN food meant for consumption. Please don’t send us 50 tips describing how you keep a covered can of dog food in the fridge to snack on when you get the munchies. Or about how you find crayons or legos particularly tasty. We would like to get some nutritional value out of our cheap eats. On that note, please don’t think that I’m advocating any of those starving diets. This site doesn’t have anything to do with dieting at all. Sure you can have a cheap eats lifestyle by simply eating hardly anything. But that’s clearly not healthy and we’re not about that.

If you are a “foodie” or restaurant critic you will probably find this website offensive, banal and/or stupid. That’s ok, just go back to eating your imported seared foie gras craparoni at Chez Moi Expensivo and leave the good cheap eats for us to quibble over. We’ll be fine without you. That said, I don’t want to discourage wealthier food patrons from discovering and sharing cheap eats. Just check your high priced food notions at the door.

Cheap Eats was originally conceived because I actually had to watch how much I spent on food. A lot of people go through a phase like this in college, and the junk food / starving-student lifestyle that powers all-nighters tends to make it somewhat tolerable. But for some, the cheap eats mentality extends later into life due to economic or other factors. That’s where I am.

You may be wondering what kind of food the picture in the title graphic shows. I’m planning on hopefully changing out the graphic periodically. For now, it’s a picture of some leftover Mexican food (Pork Tamale, Steak Fajitas, and Rice) from a restaurant called Mijares breakfast potato hash I made at home with red potato, bacon, red onion, bell pepper and parsley.

If you enjoy this site, I'm happy, because there's no more posts to come. It is archived. But please enjoy.

The Cheap Eats Editor



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