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5/10/05 | Fast Food Tax?

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Fast Food Nation PicHas Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation really gotten to everybody and convinced them to avoid fast food restaurants? I haven’t read the book yet, so I can’t really comment. But I’ve heard from many friends who have read it that it’s been at least partially responsible for a 180 degree turn in the way they eat.

Maybe Detroit’s mayor has read the book one too many times. Or maybe he’s gotten addled from ingesting too many Super Size Fries and Big Macs. All I can say is boy, I bet he will be one hell of an unpopular guy (at least in fast food restaurants) if this proposed tax comes about. I know he’s certainly landed on my Cheap Eats shortlist of dummies. What will this fast food tax entail? From CNN Money article:

In an effort to curb a looming $300 million budget deficit, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick last month floated what he called a “different budget than has ever been presented to our city council.”

The budget includes a proposed 2 percent tax that would be levied only on sales at fast-food restaurants, among other items that would generate additional revenue for the city.

Like the majority of the people in the article, I just can’t see the justification of taxing fast food. I mean if you’re going to tax something, tax the sit down restaurants… tax those people wolfing down creme brulee lobster or whatever. Shoot, they can afford it. The people who go to fast food restaurants more frequently are often the ones who currently need to watch every penny spent on food. So, you’re basically going to end up levying this tax against people who it would hurt the most. What the hell.

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4/26/05 | House of Reuben

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SandwichThe Detroit Free Press has a popular column by Matt Helms about Cheap Eats. This article he wrote was on a place in Detroit called “House Of Reuben”. I looked everywhere for a picture of the House of Reuben but couldn’t find one so you’ll have to be content with a borrowed pic of a Reuben Sandwich. Anyhow, I have a soft spot for diners and while sit-down restaurants are always more expensive (because of tip, drinks not coming with meals, etc.) I’m often willing to sacrifice just a teeny bit of dough if it’s a good enough diner setting with good enough food. This one sounds pretty good, though it’s all the way in Michigan. They feature Reuben Sandwiches, as the name implies.

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3/29/05 | Tim Horton’s

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Tim Horton'sIt’s nice to see other people talking about Cheap Eats. Matt Helms from the Detroit Free Press wrote a short piece on the Tim Horton’s doughnut and fast food chain. This must be another one of those East Coast things (akin to something like the love for Dunkin’ Donuts that I experienced in Boston) because I’ve never heard of Tim Horton’s. It seems as if the chain is actually part of Wendy’s International Inc. and there are currently over 500 locations, though none near me.

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