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So it appears I’ve been “Digg”-ed. I didn’t really check stats until this morning (too busy opening Xmas presents at Cheap Eats HQ). If you’re coming here from Digg, thanks for stopping by. I have no idea how or why the site gets Digg-ed, but it happens every so often.

farmer john breakfast sausage cheap eatsAnyhow, I meant to take a week off before posting again, but since there’s peoples around – here’s some pics of the free Farmer John Breakfast Pork Link Sausage I got the other day.

It turns out that my local supermarket did a “re-launch” (they must think they’re a website or something) and to promote it they had coupons for bunches of free items, providing you spent $10. Hell, I always spend at least $10 on the weekly trip to the market. So I went down there and got me some free sausage.

Interestingly, it looks like they left room in the package for the links to roll around. Either that or the Sausage Bandit struck while I was in line at the market.

I guess that’s a tip for Cheap Eats: check your local mailer for these type of coupons which are only good for specific markets. They also had coupons for free bread, free eggs, etc. But I couldn’t resist getting the sausage, even though it was probably worth the least.

farmer john breakfast sausage cheap eats

I rarely buy breakfast sausage. I think I haven’t bought any in 5 years or more. That’s not to say I don’t like them. I often enjoy idly rolling around these fatty brown logs on the plate at IHOP too. I guess it’s probably a good idea that I don’t eat them too often, since there are some serious chunks of fat and other un-identifiable meat-ities to be seen in them when raw. Yup – close your eyes, cover and cook.

I was actually surprised that the sausage links themselves were pretty cheap even when not on sale: 8 of them for a buck. I kind of expected it to be more pricey. I usually buy the larger Italian or Bratwurst raw sausages in bulk pack and freeze it. Later, I defrost them and crumble them up for spaghetti or other pasta dishes. Or sometimes it’s Bangers and Mash time.

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