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Reader Submissions – Win “Fame” and “Fortune”

Hello. Do you have a Cheap Eats tip or regional restaurant review you’d like to submit? Well, then by all means please send it in to us. If we like your tip, we’ll try and get it listed in our Readers Tips area. For local restaurant reviews, we’ll try and get it listed somewhere in our regional Cheap Eats sections. (Uh, that is when I decide to create these two sections.) Please note that we cannot guarantee acceptance of your tip or review!

If you also submit your website link, that and your name will most likely appear next to the post. That’s the “fame” part. As for the “fortune” well, check back on this page soon for potential prize drawings that may be available only to those who submit content to Cheap Eats. (Uhm… I haven’t worked out the details yet. I’m trying!)

Advertisers and Companies

Interested in reaching an active community of real food lovers? Cheap Eats focuses on budget conscious recipes, tips, restaurants and food product reviews. We have a loyal reader fanbase of Cheap Eaters from differing demographics and lifestyles, ranging from college students to upper management professionals.

Cheap Eats has been solicited to review products from companies like Frito-Lay, Bertolli, Pillsbury, Fererro, Senseo, Quaker Oats, Dannon, Lipton-Knorr, Hefty, Reynolds, Fiber One, Hibachi House, Curves, Dawn, Nature Valley, Fizzix, King Oscar, Food Network, Purity Organic, Snapple and various General Mills entities. If you’re a company or marketing group looking to get exposure for new food products, please contact us below. We’re pretty friendly. We don’t bite. Or if we do, I can guarantee there’s no not too much rabies.

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