Starving Artist Bazaar

Jennifer from Starving Artist Bazaar not only has one of the coolest logos I’ve seen for a craft site but also makes some really excellent DIY craft items. Her jewelry, in particular the earrings, seems to be very light, airy and dangly in construction. She also concentrates on hand knitted items like bags, chokers and cuffs, hats, scarves and even baby items. In addition she’s got some of her own prints and paintings for sale.

From her site:

I am a graphic designer living in Chicago(burbs) with a B.F.A. in design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also work in pottery, glass, painting and film. I’ve shown my work at film festivals and sold pieces at charity auctions. In 2003, I made some glass buttons and gave them to my friend Vahn. She suggested I sell my buttons at a craft fair with her. I did that and made some jewelry too. Now I’m addicted to making jewelry. No matter what medium, I’m always experimenting and my designs are constantly evolving. Anything can spark an idea for a design. A painting, a vase full of orchids, a pattern on a piece of cloth. Also, on my site are pieces by other talented artists. They share the same need to create beautiful and unique pieces.

Starving Artist BazaarAlthough she makes a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and even cuff links for men out of various precious stones, it’s her highly unusual “glass amoebas” that caught my eye. I posted a pic of one because you really need to see it to appreciate the term “amoeba”! They sort of remind me of those gigantic wound-up multicolored lollipops they used to sell at Disneyland, but these are even more fun and blobby. Most of the glass amoeba pendants are hung on silk ribbon, leather cord, or silver chain. You will have to move fast if you see a particular one you like, since many go out of stock quickly such as the one I picked to feature here!

You can visit Jennfier’s site at: