8/16/05 | Beaded Flowers

Beaded Flowers Website

I’ve found my way to the Beaded Flowers site more than once so I decided to give it its own entry finally. Although, this isn’t technically jewelry making, I’d been investigating some of the interesting ideas and techniques to see how they might apply to making wirewrap beaded jewelry.

The technique of French Beaded Flowers involves wrapping beads and wire around central rows of beads in order to create the likeness of flowers and plants of various types. When performed correctly the results can be astonishingly lifelike and in fact from a distance or in a smaller photo they appear to be the plant in question!

I looked online and it seems this has actually been around for a long time, perhaps the 14th or 15th century in Europe but didn’t come to the United States until the 1800s. Recently, French Beaded Flowers have experienced a renewal of interest, particularly with the advent of the internet making the techniques and materials widely available.

Although there are a huge number of sites that actually show pictures of the end beaded flowers, the Beaded Flowers website gives some of the most detailed and clear instructions about how to actually make them. Along with a beautiful gallery of the finished flowers including Hyacinths, Cherry Blossoms, Daffodils, Passion Flowers, Lilacs, Roses and Lavender, the site gives easy to follow basic techniques and several complete patterns that have detailed, step by step instructions with pictures to go with them. There is also information about beads and wire sizes, shops that sell beads, and links to other French Beading related sites.

Beaded Flowers Website - Lilac TreeHere’s one of the finished flowers from the Beaded Flowers Website. An amazing rendition of a Lilac Tree with pinkish purple flowers and vibrant green leaves. You can check out all of the patterns on their site. Like I said, this is not jewelry making per se, but I’m still very interested in applying some of these techniques to earrings or bracelets in the future.

The Beaded Flowers site is available at: beadedflowers.tripod.com

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  1. Coby Says:

    I’m honoured to see an entire entry dedicated to my website.
    It has always been my intention to show people the beauty of beaded flowers and how easy it is to create them.
    Creativity is a great gift, and I cherish it with all my might. :)

    Kind regards,

    Coby Brokling
    the Netherlands

  2. Administrator Says:

    coby - the beaded flower instructions on your site are so well done and useful so I wanted people to know about it! =)

  3. Bonnie Hodgins Says:

    Absolutely fantastic instructions and photos at this site. Better than anything you can buy!