Rings 'n Things Your Design Here ContestHey jewelry makers: I was tipped off to the upcoming “Your Design Here” 2006 contest over at Rings ‘n Things the other day. This might be worth a look if you make jewelry and are looking to get some possible exposure for your designs.

So what is the “Your Design Here” contest? They basically created this contest as a way to encourage their customers to come up with unique and beautiful jewelry designs. You can enter your work in one of seven categories: Glass, Gemstones, Nature, Mostly Metal, Polymer Clay, Metal Clay and Alternative Materials.. The judges select the best entries (the deciding factors are: Originality, Craftsmanship and Aesthetics) and the winning designs will potentially be featured in their enormous print catalog as well as other promotions worldwide.

Rings 'n Things LogoIf you haven’t heard of the Rings ‘n Things company yet, they are one of the best places to find jewelry making supplies on the web. Sorry, this may sound like a commercial but we’ve ordered from them many times and have always been impressed with the speed of service and professionalism. Not to mention the selection of findings, precious stones, crystals and just about everything else related to jewelry.

There are a few rules that jewelry making participants need to keep in mind, the most important being that barring a few exceptions, ALL materials used in the designs must come from things that were purchased or are available from Rings ‘n Things. This only makes sense, as the winning designs are going to be featured in their catalogs and they would most likely be placed on pages that contained listings of some of the items used.

There are also guidelines for the photos that need to be sent in of your jewelry design that need to be read. In any case, this might be a great opportunity for aspiring jewelry makers to get some publicity. Oh, I almost forgot… there is also PRIZE money involved! The top prize is a $750 gift certificate for their store… certainly nothing to sneeze about! And there are $250 gift cert prizes for the first place entry in each category, as well as honorable mention $50 gift certs.

You can read the full details about the Rings ‘n Things “Your Design Here” contest at:


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  1. Banu Says:

    Are the results for the 2006 contest (Rings and Things) announced? Jus curious to know!
    Thank you….

  2. Administrator Says:

    banu - yes, I believe they put the results up a little while ago (I haven’t been checking, so thanks for reminding me) at:

    Rings and Things contest