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3/29/06 | Blend Creations

Blend Creations LogoI found out about Blend Creations through the Mighty Flirt site. The Canadian husband and wife team of Eric Jean-Louis and Vivian Cheng have created an array of interesting and unusual pendants. Using modern stainless steel as an exterior housing for more traditional Asian-inspired designs and materials, they create a unique, organic contrast in their jewelry.

Some of the different types of items used for these pendants inner designs include bone, bamboo, coral, mother of pearl and Japanese Washi paper.

A little blurb about their work from the Blend Creations website:

“Eric and Vivian find inspiration for their work in the design of everything from furniture to housewares to graphic art. By fusing hand-drawn design with automated manufacturing — imagery from the East with technology from the West — the creators of Blend Creations have become a rare blend, indeed.”

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Hello there, jewelry makers… sorry we missed posting last week. We are trying to get up to speed on various new site features as well as grappling with a potential upcoming redesign.

Here are the results from our latest jewelry poll in which we asked readers how jewelry making figured in their lives as far as career went:

The results were pretty much skewed as I expected. It looks like the majority of folks out there who make jewelry are doing it either part-time in addition to a normal job as just a hobby. But to the 25 folks who answered that they’re doing it as a full time career.. kudos to you! You’re in the big time now…

Of course, if you’re like me you might have chose the last answer, hehe. Maybe it’s not so true now, but when we first started out trying to make our own jewelry, it was pretty tough. We really had no idea what we were doing, and part of the reason this jewelry beginner blog exists is because of that. So, if you chose that last answer we’d just like to offer some words of support… keep at it because like anything in life the more you practice your jewelry skills the easier it becomes and the more you learn.

Sharon Unlimited Jewelry Supplies

I’m currently working my way through a ton of email submissions… I need to set up some sort of official policy to handle these, but for now I just try to do them in the order received. Also, please remember there are so many that I can’t possibly write about all of you!

This one is from, a fairly new online shop (actually, it opened only last month) created by Sharon Marzonie to provide unique jewelry making supplies and findings for artisans. They do have some nice things for sale there, so I decided to make a writeup.

A tiny bit from Sharon’s site:

“It is a place where artisans can come together to browse, shop and share in one anothers creativity … Our goal is to provide you with a unique offering of products and a high level of service that might be otherwise difficult to find.”

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I had meant to post this last week but got sidetracked.’s Jewelry Making guide Tammy Powley (who we interviewed earlier for Bloglander Jewelry Making) tipped me off about a potential opportunity for aspiring jewelry peeps out there.

She has a new book in the works that is going to be about “Mixed-Media Jewelry” and they are currently soliciting project contributions to be printed in it! If selected, your piece will be photographed in full color and will be included with project instructions and/or full captions.

Now, before you get all discouraged that you can’t POSSIBLY make something spectacular enough to be included in a jewelry book you should know that what they are looking for are projects that involve standard jewelry findings or simple wire-working along with threads, fiber, and leather… basically any sort of mixed-media jewelry project. The requirements for the project are that it should be simple enough for the average home artist to make, and not necessarily someone with full access to soldering/casting methods or other complex jewelry making techniques.

One other thing to note is that this isn’t a CONTEST per se… this is an opportunity to be included in an actual book on jewelry making. Actually, in my mind this is potentially BETTER than winning a contest.

Here are the project categories that you can choose from:

* fiber and fabric jewelry
* paper jewelry
* found object jewelry (incorporating recycled/found materials)
* jewelry featuring unique and/or unusual combinations of materials (bones, shells, glass, wood, beads, chain etc.)
* memory jewelry (incorporating photos, charms, imagery

They are accepting entries up until April 30 of this year. The full details about this jewelry making opportunity can be found on Tammy’s website. If you decide to enter a project, good luck and please let us know if you’re accepted so we can post about it here!