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Archive for May, 2006

Hopefully you’re not like me and you actually write down on your calendar important TV shows that you want to catch. I kept on missing Diana Friedberg’s two-part “World On A String” presentation on public television which was a segment on the importance of beads and beadworking around the world historically and in present day usage. (I think they are coming out with 2 additional segments as well.) I know they keep showing it periodically but I keep forgetting to set the VCR.

And now I realized that I goofed and missed checking out Oh! Be Jewelled on the Oxygen network this past weekend. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be showing other episodes, right?

A little blurb from their website:

Oh Be Jewelled gives you a insider’s look into the latest trends in jewellry and shows you step-by-step how to create your own pieces that are unique, personal and totally current. Some of the hottest looks are easy enough for a beginner and surprisingly affordable.

I did hear some people say that the jewelry design processes shown were a bit quick, though that’s probably to be expected in these rapid fire cable shows.

For those who can’t wait until the next one airs, they actually have several videos on their site including tutorials for making a charm bracelet, making a layered necklace, and making hammered earrings. There are also downloadable PDF files that explain the process, though I was a bit disappointed that there were no pictures to go along with the text…

Halstead Bead Grant

I found about this grant from Halstead through Tammy’s Jewelry Making site. I had to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. Can you really get a grant like this to make jewelry? It turns out you can, and the prize they’re offering for the winner of the contest is quite substantial: $5000 cash business grant, a $1000 gift cert for Halstead, and a profile in their upcoming 2007 Metals Catalog.

The deadline is actually coming up pretty soon: June 15, with winners to be announced some time in July. They have full information about how to submit your pieces and other information on their site.

The purpose of the contest is to highlight the growing difficulty of so called “Bridge Jewelry design” in the United States due to competition from both designers overseas and mass-produced stuff. (I had no idea what this term “Bridge Jewelry” meant, but apparently is the catch-all designation for jewelry that “bridges the gap” between precious metal jewelry and plain old costume jewelry. In other words, this is probably most of the stuff that any serious home jewelry designer is making!)

For full information and the mailing address to send submissions, please visit the Halstead Bead site.

Peggy Li from Peggy Li CreationsI’m sorry folks that I haven’t been posting regularly… I’ve been battling some serious illness. Anyhow, I felt better enough to put together our third jewelry making interview which features Peggy Li who runs her own jewelry business called Peggy Li Creations.

Originally, we were looking to pick the brains of a successful designer that also made jewelry making their full time gig. Although it turns out that Peggy still does the “day job thing”, it’s her amazing success with publicizing her work through various media outlets, including hit TV shows, that makes her really stand out. Oh, not to mention that the jewelry she makes is really beautiful! She mixes simple, contemporary looks with artisan style, featuring unique takes on contrast and texture.

In any case, this is a great interview to check out whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. The interview was done over email and is highly recommended reading.

Interview with Peggy Li, Peggy Li Creations