Value Pack Etch Barrel Clasp-Silver

Barrel Clasps are a particular type of jewelry clasp that is sometimes used for necklaces. They are two part cylindrical screw clasps that look like barrels (hence the name), each with an eyehook or connector loop. They usually feature some sort of ridges around the barrel for easier grasping when trying to fasten - you simply rotate one part into the other.

We use these clasps quite frequently for necklaces. They provide greater security than magnetic or hook type clasps, though they are a bit more difficult to attach around the back of your neck. Barrel clasps do seem to be easier than lobster claw clasps to open up which is why we often prefer them for necklaces.

The picture above shows barrel clasps in base metal… this can be a great first connector to use when starting out making beaded necklaces. Note the loops on the ends are not “shut” which allows you to use pliers to open them up should you need to change or attach it to another closed loop. They also make them in silver and gold, although those are much more expensive. You can usually find them at or Michael’s. Give them a try if you’re looking for a different type of connector clasp.