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Archive for May, 2007

Sorry about the recent lack of posts… I had tried to clear more space in the week to work on Jewelry Making but it’s clearly become difficult because in the past I’ve tried to make each post an in-depth article, even the ones about DIY jewelry. I’ll be trying to write shorter posts, more of a “what’s up” look at other jewelry makers rather than full writeups, in the interest of time. Thanks for your patience with this.

Green Fuse Wire Works - on Jewelry Making at Bloglander

I saw some very nice wire based jewelry over at Green Fuse Wire Works, including this “Pepita D’Oro Bracelet” made of chunks of amber or topaz colored Italian art glass that is lined on the inside with gold or silver foil. It’s wirewrapped and sports the occasional playful spirals curl of silver wire.

Felicia Parsons runs Green Fuse which focuses on wire wrapped jewelry with an eye toward environmental and fair trade concerns.

Pepita D’Oro Bracelet - $75
Green Fuse Wire Works

This month, I’d originally planned to write up a few projects detailing some simple jewelry projects that might make great gifts for Mother’s Day. However, time (as usual) flew past and I don’t have the time to take all the pictures. But I just saw on the Jewelry Making site that they have a few mother’s day projects already lined up so you might want to head over there if you’re searching for ideas of jewelry to make for mom.

Some of the projects include a Rose Quartz “Love” Pendant and a Bracelet for Grandma.

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