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9/27/07 | Bead Loom

Bead Loom on Jewelry Making at Bloglander

I was surfing around looking for interesting beading things to write about and came across this Bead Loom Kit from Shure Products. I haven’t actually tried out the product, but was hoping that if a reader has gotten this item they could chime in as to how they like it in the comments. I’m especially interested in whether this is something an adult might enjoy, because at first glance it definitely looks like a kid’s toy - they say that it’s meant for 7 years and up due to the small beads and the skill needed to put them in the loom.

They say that you can use the loom to weave bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. The loom itself is wooden - I’m not sure how sturdy it is though and I wonder if you could just go to the Home Depot and make one yourself. They give you a starter selection of glass and seed beads (over 1000), cord, jump rings, and clasps along with an instruction booklet. The patterns that are shown look sort of like some of the Native American beading styles. While I’m a bit hesitant how worthwhile this bead loom might be, the price is definitely not too bad, and a bonus is that if you’re starting out making jewelry you can use the leftover beads for other projects.

Bead Loom - $24.95
available at
also available at

I’ve been seriously neglecting the Jewelry Making reader mailbag lately. This question was actually posted in a comment, but I decided to move it up to the main page because others have asked this question before. And most importantly, I have no idea! I would one day like to experiment with soldering, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Tim W. asks:

Help! I need a reliable torch that has adjustable flames for small and large silver projects. The more I research the confuseder I get. Some say that acetyline has too much soot others say that propane is the way to go. I don’t know but we are having a hard time getting enough heat on larger projects to get the soldering done when I use a standard bernzomatic torch from the hardware store. Not to mention the flame getting smaller and larger it you tilt the bottle… What torch do you recommend?

If you make these torches or are a jewelry maker and have soldering suggestions, please leave a comment. However: while I don’t mind others pointing people in the right direction via commercial links in comments, please put your link in an “href” tag and don’t write out the entire URL - that tends to break my blog column formatting. Also, please DO NOT put 4-5 links, just the one will do!