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Reactions to finding out that this jewelry site is run by a GUY have ranged from shocked to dismayed to genuinely amazed. And the pink colors notwithstanding, I happen to be not gay (though there’s nothing wrong with that of course). I think a lot of people assume that jewelry making and crafting is the domain of gals, like construction workers are all guys. There’s a lot of assumptions in the world, so when people try doing things a little differently it becomes a big deal. But don’t get me wrong, I know there are plenty other crafty dudes hiding out there.

I got into jewelry making originally because my wife was interested in it. I tagged along hitting several bead and jewelry stores and then to local swap meets to look for vintage beads. I helped make a few of the simpler items. Surprise, surprise. I found out that I actually liked stringing together these little pieces of glass and stone. I guess I should have known I’d dig it since I’ve always been into unusual minerals and rock/shell collecting. Also, having experience with fishing and fishing supplies was extremely helpful working with tiny seed beads, knotting thin line, and using the smaller pliers.

Lately I’ve graduated to using other tools, silver wirewrapping and even trying out a few designs of my own. But in many ways I still consider myself a beginner in jewelry making. We have learned most of the jewelry making techniques either on our own through trial and error or online. Since our style is pretty simple this hasn’t been much of a problem. You can find some of the jewelry we design at

I hope you enjoy this site and find it helpful.