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How To Make Easy Flower EarringsI have to confess that these Easy Flower Earrings are perhaps a little TOO easy to warrant their own tutorial, assuming you’ve got all the materials. However, I still think they look pretty nice, especially when combined with sterling silver chain.

I’ve made many different kinds of hanging chain earrings before including single chain earrings that alternate crystals on chain links (sort of looks like a cascade) as well as earrings having multiple chains with crystals and beads like this one.

You can pretty much use any type of silver chain for these earrings. I’ve used a really basic type that I believe is known as “flat cable” sterling silver chain. Each link is extremely flat and the links connect to each other “perpendicularly”. There are a ton of different types you can buy, like twisted cable and serpentine chain. The link sizes vary greatly too, from less than a millimeter to more than a centimeter. I think the one I’ve used here links between 2-3mm, and you probably don’t want chain that’s bigger than that for these earrings.

You can get “Czech Pressed” flowers at any bead store or online. These tiny flowers look really cool and are center drilled (as opposed to side drilled), allowing you to use a seed bead as the “center” of the flower. These can also be used to make flower rings as well and hopefully I’ll get a tutorial on those up soon.

This tutorial will require you to know the techniques of Basic Wirewrapping which I’ve detailed earlier in the article Wirewrap Drop Technique.

Materials to make Easy Flower Earrings

(for “each” earring, double everything for a pair)
3 small Czech “pressed” glass flowers, center drilled
3 white seed beads
1 silver jump ring (3mm)
3 1 inch headpins
silver earring hook, w/ non-closed loop
2 Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nosed (Rosary) Pliers
Sharp nosed pliers for cutting

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