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Finished Figure 8 Jump RingThe other day, we were finishing up a few necklaces that used a fancy soldered Figure 8 Jump Ring (also known as Figure 8 Wire Connectors or Figure 8 Findings) as a receptacle for the end clasp. If you haven’t seen these before, they look exactly like they are called: like sterling silver wire that’s been twisted into a Figure Eight shape and soldered shut.

They are often useful as end connectors in necklaces because they are more secure than standard jump rings and because the terminating end of your jewelry cable crimp will not be attached to the same loop as where the clasp will connect. Having that extra loop of a Figure 8 connector also just plain looks fancier.

However, these tiny connectors aren’t cheap, especially for the ones that are soldered. I’ve seen prices ranging from 50 cents apiece to almost a dollar fifty for sterling silver soldered ones. If you know how to solder, then it might be an option to try make a closed one yourself. But I wondered how hard it would be to make a slightly less secure one that still had that nice 8 shape to it.

I experimented a bit and it turns out that it’s really quick and easy and it looks almost like ones you buy in the store. So I put together a tutorial to show how to make your own homemade figure 8 connector jump rings like I did. You won’t need many tools: just some silver wire, Rosary Pliers and some Sharp Nosed cutting pliers. But you may want to review my tutorial about turning a simple loop if you haven’t made loops before out of wire since we will use that technique.

Supplies for Figure 8 Jump Ring

Silver Wire (24 or 22 gauge)
Round Nose or Rosary Pliers
Sharp Nose Cutting Pliers

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