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Jewelry Making - Lots of Earrings

Before you run shrieking in horror at the thought of mass produced jewelry (visions of sweat shops in third world countries come to mind), let me assure you that’s not what this article is going to talk about!

This page isn’t about how to sell out to large corporations who want to manufacture your unique, handmade jewelry en masse. This is a small tip on how to make your life easier when it turns out you have to make more than one of the same piece, and your time is limited.

First off, I know that many jewelry makers pride themselves on unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Others may choose to make more than one piece of the same item, but they are often VERY limited in stock. This is, in fact, the whole reason that many people buy DIY jewelry - because they know they’re going to get something special and unique.

So you might be thinking you’d never come across a situation where you have to mass produce a single piece, right? Well, here are three instances where you might find yourself needing to crank out the merch quickly - as well as a general method to make the going a bit faster…

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