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One of the basic techniques of making jewelry that involves wire and beads is making what’s known as a Plain Loop. I’ve heard this technique called many things including “turning a loop”, “making a plain loop”, “looping wire”, and “turning a simple loop”. Whatever you call it, it’s pretty important technique to learn and it takes a LOT of practice to turn out perfect looking loops every time. I definitely still turn out the occasional wonky looking loop that is elliptical or slightly squashed.

Most of the illustrations I’ve seen for making them in books don’t go into depth about the steps to actually make a plain wire loop. In addition, most books consider only how to make a “one-sided” loop… that is making a loop on the end of a bead that has put on a headpin. In this tutorial, I’ll try to show details on technique for making two sided loops. One note is that the technique I’m going to show was learned mostly through trial and error, and only later looked at books and online sources to see how it was done. My way is only one way to go about it. In general, there’s no right and wrong way to make a plain loop - find the way that works for you!

Plain Wire Loop Fig 1

Silver Wire (24 or 22 gauge)
Round Nose or Rosary Pliers
Sharp Nose Cutting Pliers

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