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Bead Storage is an ongoing concern for jewelry makers and beaders. They sell many different sizes and shapes of jewelry box containers, bead boxes, and multi-purpose gem and jewelry storage compartments. These are good for the larger inventory like precious stones. But for smaller items especially crystals and seed beads bought by the hank, I find multi compartment containers cumbersome. Having a small “scoop” can be help, and some people simply store them in tiny ziploc bags.

Here is an idea in case you eat Tic-Tacs, like I do. You can actually use many of the mint tins (Altoids and Icebreakers are 2 other good ones to try) as storage for beads since for the most part they were all originally meant to hold small pieces of candy. I like the Tic-Tac containers in particular because they are clear, allowing you to see what’s inside and because the container “mouth” is fairly small and allows for easy pouring.

Homemade Bead Containers Fig 1You can pretty much just empty out (oh, too bad you have to eat all those tic-tacs, haha) the Tic-Tac container and just pour in the seed beads right there. However, I like to take off the top because it allows for much, much easier filling. The sticker on a tic-tac container, at least the ones I’ve opened, are seriously the most stubborn stickers in the world. You can just rip or scratch them off I guess, but here’s a tip: It’s much neater to cut the sticker.

All you will need is:

Empty Tic Tac Boxes
X-acto Knife

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