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Jump Rings are a very popular connector to use in jewelry making. They come in all different kinds of materials including silver, gold, brass, base metal, silver plated, and coated colored. Jump rings also come in various different sizes ranging from 2mm to 1cm and above. Although it’s possible to make your own jump rings (and I’ll try cover that in a future article), most people buy them fairly cheaply at jewelry supply stores in packages of 100 or more. They often cost from $1.50 to $3.00 per package.

Jump rings differ from split rings, which look very much like the ring that holds your keys together. They are basically a metal loop of wire that is cut in one place. They also sell soldered jump rings that have have the “cut” soldered together so that the ring is permanently closed. These usually cost a bit more, but are definitely more secure.

On that note, use careful judgement when using standard jump rings in necklaces and bracelets, especially for the smaller soft silver ones. I have had experiences where necklaces have come apart when pulled even slightly because the jump rings were not closed properly, or they simply opened up under the force of the pulling. In most cases, they can be used safely in earrings because there is less danger of the jump ring getting pulled with a lot of force, but use your best judgement for necklaces and bracelets.

This article is going to be just a short note on properly opening and closing jump rings.

Jump Ring Usage Fig 1

Jump Rings
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