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Lady Luck - on Jewelry Making at BloglanderThere is some unbelievably cute things over at Lady Luck Rules OK. The store sort of reminds me of Fred Flare with an extra emphasis on super bright and delightful things like jewelry, paper goods, stationery and accessories like hair goodies, caps, and purses.

I don’t know too much about the online store itself (because there is no “about section” up yet, but I believe they are in England) but it was almost impossible not to make a post about their Teeny Bopper Rings which have been brought back by popular demand.

Teeny Bopper Ring, Lady Luck - on Jewelry Making at BloglanderThe one shown at right is the “Arty Craft Gal” Teeny Bopper Ring which is a flocked orange case packed with artsy miniature button goodies like scissors, a pencil sharpener, a candy cotton reel and a clock. There are two others - the “True Romance” which is a rose with different “date” trinkets and the “Picnic Party” which has little food items inside a turquoise pear. All three feature an adjustable ring to fit on all fingers.

Teeny Bopper Rings - £15
Lady Luck Rules OK

picture of Beaded RingI haven’t really written up a DIY jewelry making project article in so long. I finally had the time to put this one together on Making Simple Beaded Rings which I’ve been meaning to write about forever.

These beaded rings use tiny seed beads and monofilament line to create simple but very pretty looking jewelry. One nice thing about this project is that it only requires a few supplies, both of which are readily available:

Tutorial on How To Make Beaded Rings

Jewelry from Naughty Secretary ClubYou may just want to join the Naughty Secretary Club, but not because there’s anything particular naughty about it! I always maintain that a catchy or unusual name for a DIY jewelry company can make all the difference in the world and this is a good example.

Not that they’re hiding at all behind their slightly flamboyant name. Jennifer Perkins from NSC (as we shall abbreviate hereafter for this review), creates funky jewelry that emphasizes one of my favorite aspects about DIY jewelry making - reused and renewed items from the past. Along with her mom and sister, she has created a myriad of unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches that are very colorful and creative. She also features a large selection of non-jewelry items that are just as cool including home accessoires, purses, and fashion accessories like hair clips and belt buckles.

NSC has three basic lines for each jewelry category which include Revamped Vintage (creative pieces made from older, antique jewelry bits), Nostalgic Notions (older antique jewelry stock that have not been worn or used before) and Nouveau (tasteful newer reproductions of vintage costume jewelry).

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Jill Italiano DesignsI actually found Jill Italiano’s jewelry work through the Stylebakery Designers on the Rise section. I had seen the little blurb but had forgotten to click through earlier.

Using semi-precious stones and silver and gold, Jill creates playful yet elegant necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches utilizing a wide palette of colors. I notice a good amount of pearls used in her bracelets and necklaces. One of her signature themes that appears in much of her work is a vibrant flower motif that uses faceted semi-precious stones. The effect is a delicate one rather than overly vibrant which is rather nice.

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Tiffini Dooris JewelryFrom her studio in Venice, CA, Tiffini Dooris creates an array of elegant jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other specialty pieces including bridal items. She started out as many jewelry designers do, designing the pieces for her friends until people began to take notice and asked about actually purchasing them. I notice use of lots of Peridot and Citrine in her earlier work, though her newest line features a lot of Turquoise.

A little bit about her design philosophy, from her website:

Tiffini loves to mix unusual combinations, such as pairing something traditionally feminine with something a little rougher. In keeping with her aesthetic philosophy, Tiffini is dedicated to using the very best materials: precious and semi-precious stones handpicked for cut and clarity, sterling silver, gold, hand painted charms…

While Tiffini is designing, she steps back and allows the gems’ personalities shine through. “When I’m shopping for stones I’ll sit and stare at them for 30 minutes, putting them on my arms, my neck, my head; just seeing where they go. I’ll fall in love with a color or shape and play with the gem until the design emerges…not the other way around.”

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The CarrotboxFor those of you who are allergic to metals and are always on the lookout for jewelry alternatives, you should check out the rings at The Carrotbox. A lot of folks who can’t wear metal jewelry resort to making DIY non-metallic out of beads, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just sometimes you’d like to be able to BUY a piece of jewerly that you can wear. It seems like non-metallic rings are particularly difficult to find because the band of a ring is almost always made of metal, even if the stones and pieces set in/on it are not. Necklaces and bracelets are more frequently completely non-metallic.

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