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Here are some links to sites that either make/sell DIY jewelry, distribute it, explain how to make it, or provide forums to discuss it!

» Aleale Beads

» Amy Peters’ Studio

» Anna Sofia Designs

» Aurora Bloom

» Bakelite Bits

» Beaded Flowers

» Bellaceti Jewelry

» Bella Jolie Designs

» Better Through Daisy

» Blend Creations

» Bonbon Oiseau

» Rebecka Boyd Jewelry

» Laurice Curran Jewelry

» Cut + Paste

» Elle B.

» Enchantment By Angeline

» ES Designs

» Etsy

» Experimetal

» Glass and Splinters

» Glint Jewellery

» Green Fuse Wireworks

» Happy Owl Glassworks

» Heart Tattoo

» Indulgems Jewelry

» Jessica Hicks

» Jill Italiano

» Kristin Laing Jewelry

» Lilia Jewelry

» Lluvia Designs

» Lucky Accessories

» Mariska Design

» Original Hardware

» Ornamental Things

» Pancake Meow

» Peggy Li

» Pieces of a Girl

» Pio

» The Scarlet Poppy

» Sharma Designs

» Sylwia Calus Design

» Starving Artist Bazaar

» Stones on String/a>

The Switchboards

» Texas Haute Sauce

» TQB Designs

» Twigs and Heather

» Vintage Faerie

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