The idea behind this juicing recipe is to incorporate a few of the goodies that may be helpful for those with stomach ailments. Most notably, cabbage juice is good at easing constipation and treating ulcers. The only thing to beware is that if you have too much of it, you can actually get a lot of gas! You also need to drink it fairly quickly, within a couple hours of turning it into juice.

The addition of kiwis to this mixture might be a bit weird, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it out…


1/2 a head of cabbage
1 beet with the greens left on
2 large kiwis


First juice the head of cabbage. You probably want to cut it up into chunks in order to get it to fit. The pulp is good for making things like carrot salad and cole slaw. Next, juice the beet. I have heard many places leaving the greens on but you can always cut them off if you want.

Lastly juice the kiwis. Mix all the ingredients together for some stomach soothing juice. Drink immediately, or at least within a couple hours because the cabbage juice picks up a strange aftertaste if left out too long.

Makes about 2 cups juice.

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