OXO Gravy Fat Separator

November 20, 2006

OXO Gravy SeparatorPart of me is thinking this is a “uni-tasker” if I ever saw one. However, if you make a lot of gravy then you might want to check out this Fat and Gravy Sparator from OXO. It has the classic “Good Grips” look for the handle. It holds 4 cups so it’s big enough to process enough gravy for a crowd.

So how does the gadget work? You pour gravy into the separator through the strainer on top which eliminates the solids. Then you wait for the fat to rise to the top. A spout plug prevents the fat from getting into the spout. Then you just remove the strainer and pour the pure gravy out. There’s also a shield guard around the top to prevent the fat from spilling out.

I’m still unsure whether it’s just simpler to skim the fat off the top of a normal measuring cup full of gravy, and then transfer the good stuff to a gravy boat. However, as I said if you make a lot of gravy frequently you might want to look into it.

OXO Gravy Fat Separator - $14.95
available at Amazon.com
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