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Time Walk MTG
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So how many of you actually got a Time Walk straight from the pack, minty fresh. I sure didn’t, though I had about 5 chances or so to have gotten one. The best I ended up with from opening Unlimited packs was an Illusionary Mask (which I traded away for peanuts, but that’s another story).

My brother, however, got a Time Walk straight out of one of his Unlimited packs. Either that, or I believe he traded it for something really cheap. This is one of the simplest cards made by Magic the Gathering but one of the true game breakers early on. Like Time Vault it basically changes the way that the game is played. By allowing you to take another turn. Just, wow.

Most players try to squeeze every last available ounce of mana, attacking capability, and spellcasting out of their turn. Now imagine if you had another turn to play around with in which you’d get ALL your mana back. Attack twice. Use important once-a-turn artifacts and creatures twice. Run through your upkeep effects twice. Everything twice!

Card Name: Time Walk
Set: A,B,Un not reprinted
Rarity: Rare
Card Cost: 1U
Card Type: Sorcery
Artist: Amy Weber

Text: Take an extra turn after this one.

Rules Text (Oracle):Take an extra turn after this one.

It’s interesting that the Actual Text and Oracle Text are identical. There’s not much improving or clarifying you can do to something that says, “take another turn after this one is done”.

I only actually played against this card about 10 times tops. This was because I was playing multi-player games where the effect of having another turn is just “nice”, instead of enormously beneficial. If you Forked or did a Regrow this or something, and started to get more turns than just a one time thing people tended to want to gang up on you because you were having too much fun. LOL. (cont. below)

The most important thing about Time Walk, of course, is that it only costs 1 colorless and 1 colored mana. This is proven by the fact that they have basically reprinted it as Time Warp in the Tempest Expansion set, but that it costs FIVE mana: UU3! So in most cases, this becomes one of the “major” spells you are casting this turn. Whereas with Time Walk you’d just do it as an afterthought with the remaining mana you had left that you were going to waste anyhow. Bascially, with Time Warp I feel you don’t get two full turns of mana (although you get to attack and run through once a turn effects more than once) to work with which is a huge difference.

One really nice use of Time Walk is in those really powerful cards that require you to wait one turn until you get to use them, like Nevinyrral’s Disk. With Time Walk, you could just use them right away basically.

Being one of the Power Blue 9 or whatever the hell it’s called nowadays makes this card super, super expensive. I have these dreams whereby I go to a garage sale and the owner has a box of magic cards that his kid who has since grown up had forgotten about in the 90s. In the box, is every Mox, the Black Lotus and Time Walk. I really hate waking up after a dream like that one!