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Timetwister MTG
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On the surface,″>Timetwister
doesn’t seem like an overpowered card at all and in fact the always popular Wheel of Fortune essentially did the same thing for essentially an equivalent red mana cost. And Wheel of Fortune actually lasted into the Revised set whereas Timetwister was removed. So what’s the big deal with this card?

I played against a few decks that used Timetwister very well and it was not pretty, let me tell you. The big issue, at least for me, with this card is that it shuffles your hand AND your graveyard back into the library before making you draw cards. It is a huge recycling program of all your good spells just waiting to be enacted. Wheel of Fortune just drops your existing hand and everyone draws a new seven. All your crazy one time cards that your opponent has sent to the graveyard have a chance to get drawn again.

Of course, your opponent has the same chances put to him. But if done correctly, you’d have a definite advantage; for instance, if you had 1 card in your hand while they had 5. All things equal, that’s card advantage for you.

Card Name: Timetwister
Set: A,B,Un not reprinted
Rarity: Rare
Card Cost: 2U
Card Type: Sorcery
Artist: Mark Tedin

Text: Set Timetwister aside in a new graveyard pile. Shuffle your hand, library, and graveyard together into a new library and draw a new hand of seven cards, leaving all cards in play where they are; opponent must do the same.

Rules Text (Oracle):Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library and then draws seven cards. (Then put Timetwister into its owner’s graveyard.)

I thought it a bit interesting that the old text said “opponent” whereas the Oracle Text now reads “each player”. So in the old days, if you were playing a 2 on 2 game, I’d guess you would reshuffle and your two opponents would reshuffle. But what about your team-mate? He might be outta luck…

The one thing that keeps Timetwister barely in check is the fact that it’s a Sorcery and that it costs 2U. Three mana on your turn ain’t nothing to sneeze about, and because it’s a Sorcery you’ve got to do it on your turn. So you’re slightly hampered this first turn with the new seven cards. On the other hand, your opponent is going to have the first turn with 7 new cards and a full mana reset. And you can bet he’s going to take his aggressions out on you, having had to drop his current hand.

Also, luckily Timetwister itself doesn’t directly recurse since it becomes the first new card in your graveyard. However, because it’s not taken out of the game as many of the super powerful cards in magic, there’s always the chance of getting it back and doing it again!