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5/19/05 | Arabian Nights Set

The very first Magic the Gathering expansion set… wrote about my experiences with this one. This was before my time; I didn’t get to enjoy it when it came out. So no, I don’t have 50 Juzam Djinns. By Summer of 1994 they were already selling the formerly $1.45 packs for $5.00 which at the time seemed like a big ripoff…

MTG Sets: Arabian Nights

5/5/05 | Fork: OSS

I talked a bit about one of my favorite cards in the OSS (Old School Spotlight), the simply titled Fork. This is one of the first rares that I ever received for Magic the Gathering. A lot of uses for this card, an hilarity often ensued when opponents Forked each others Forks and then Counterspelled each others Forks. Or Forked each others Counterspells. You get the idea.

Card Spotlight: Fork