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6/25/05 | Juzam Djinn: OSS

A short article up on the infamous Juzam Djinn. The Old School Spotlight talks about Magic Old School cards. I didn’t see too many of these running around back then, and they are getting harder and harder to find except on Ebay where they’ll run you an arm and a leg.

Card Spotlight: Juzam Djinn

6/15/05 | Berserk: OSS

I haven’t been keeping up with the cards; I meant to write about 10 more articles on MTG by now. Well, I’m trying to get back into it. I just wrote up something on Berserk in the OSS (Old School Spotlight) today. One of my favorite cards, and not only because of all the spittle coming out of the berserker’s mouth… hehe.

Card Spotlight: Berserk

I’m going to start listing out my best trades / buys in Magic the Gathering, especially in the younger days of Magic when great deals and trades were really possible. This one is me giving up a Vodalian Knight for a Dual Land. I’ll also list out some of the worst trades / buys I made. Feel free to send in your trades / best buys and I’ll try list them when possible.

Best Trades / Buys: Vodalian Knight for Dual Land

6/2/05 | Legends Set

This set remains for me my best memory of Magic the Gathering. Whether it’s because I ended up buying the most booster boxes (about 10-12) of this set or because it represented the first big shift in game play, rules and types of cards I’ll always have good memories of Legends. And not because of all the Mana Drains and Mirror Universes I’ve squirreled away…

MTG Sets: Legends