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If only I could have made MORE of these Dual Land trades back in the day! At the time it wasn’t such a smart move on my part, but today it definitely looks like a good deal. But I was really Dual Land crazy back then so I wouldn’t have cared anyway what people thought. And for me, the Tundra was a much more versatile card than Storm Seeker.

Best Trades / Buys: Storm Seeker for Tundra

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One Response to “Tundra / Storm Seeker Trade”

  1. J. Kutkowski Says:

    Traded a Balduvian Horde from Alliances for 18x Force of Will. No one got how good this card was for a few weeks, by then I already had 100+ because I liked the artwork. Makes up for trading a Timetwister for a Mind Twist back in the days of Beta.