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What is Magic, Old School?

Magic, Old School is a site for Magic the Gathering players who seek a return to older ways of playing the game. Many players are tired of WOTC’s new short term profit motives which mandate cranking out too many expansion sets too fast. New sets become worthless in most tournament play after less than a year, because of the current practice of only including the latest sets. This site is a reaction against that methodology and a call for less expansion sets released per year, more emphasis on individual cards and their integration with older sets, and better plans for retention of long-term players.

Note that one of the aspects of Magic the Gathering that Magic, Old School focuses on is casual play and home games. We don’t particularly care about “pro decks” or obsessing over a mana curve. If you are looking to land somewhere in WOTC’s world rankings, this isn’t the place for you. But if you have a weekly night of Magic with your friends and play in local tournaments occasionally then you’d probably be comfortable here.

Does this mean you only play with and write about older cards?

No, although preference is placed upon older sets and “Type 1-1.5″ (now called Vintage and Legacy) constructed formats of play there is no discrimination against newer INDIVIDUAL cards. We just don’t like the fact that WOTC insists on over-releasing sets.

I disagree with [insert certain philosophy of Magic, Old School]

You are entitled to that opinion, though if you comment or contact us regarding it we are probably going to ignore it. The focus of this site is the old style of play for Magic The Gathering… we are not saying it is the correct style for everyone, but it is the style we focus on.

How do I join/become an Magic, Old School type of player?

There’s no membership. Either you feel the same way we do or you don’t. It’s no big deal… this ain’t an exclusive club.

Can I sell some cards on your site?

At this time, no. Although we’re looking into this option for the future.

Can I submit an Old School style deck for this site?

Sure. Please submit a deck on the contact page. Please also send a paragraph describing the strategy or analysis of your deck. We won’t post decks that are just lists of cards. The cards in the deck don’t have to include ONLY older cards, though you should probably have SOME older cards in them.

Can I write an article for this site?

Yes, but please contact Magic, Old School before sending in any actual writing. We reserve the right to reject, change and edit and submitted work, though you retain the copyright to it. Articles can be about any aspect of Magic The Gathering but should preferably focus on the “Old School” theme.

When did you start playing Magic?

Somewhere between the release of the Arabian Nights set and the release of the Antiquities set. Approximately.

What sets are those packs at the top of the page from?

These are booster packs from Antiquities, Legends and The Dark. They were bought when the sets first came out. Antiquties cost $1.45, Legends cost $2.45 and the Dark packs cost $1.45. Back in the day.

Did you ever own a Black Lotus, Mox Jewelry, or Power Blue?

No. But I remember a guy who traded a Black Lotus for a Serra Angel when Unlimited first came out.