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Here are some of the best (and worst) trades and buys for Magic The Gathering we’ve seen over the years. Although nowadays it is still possible to “trade up” for a card that you really want, it is less common because with Ebay and the internet, there’s no need to wait to obtain a card. Most players don’t even bother to try to trade for a card they want.

I remember when I first started, trading was fast and furious. I traded cards almost everytime I played, sometimes in between home games. Most dealers at shows would be willing to trade if they thought they were getting a good bargain, and sometimes if they weren’t wary you could even get the better part of the deal! Also, the amount of fun rare cards and people playing wasn’t as high, so it was more difficult to just go out and buy your way to a completed deck. Of course, its easy to look back today and say that you got a great deal back then, because the really rare card prices have skyrocketed in general. Still, it was a fun time…

  • Storm Seeker for Tundra - 07/30/05
  • Vodalian Knight For Dual Land - 06/02/05