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Storm Seeker
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This certainly didn’t seem like too smart of a trade at the time it was made… When Legends had been out for a little bit, the three hottest uncommons were Mana Drain, Spirit Link and Storm Seeker. Each was going for about $10-$15 or so. Because I had bought a lot of Legends cards I had quite a few Storm Seekers just sitting around. I was tempted to sell them but actually decided to try and trade them. Sure, Stormseeker was handy for those quick green decks that also used black vise, but I just had too many of them.

At that time, you might remember I’d become the “Dual Land” master and known to make extremely foolish trades with anything regarding dual lands. So I actually went to one of the conventions during that time and actually traded with one of the dealers there straight up one of my Storm Seekers for a sort of frungy Unlimited Tundra Dual Land that he had. I walked away from the table and I could see him grinning a bit and shaking his head, another great deal having been landed. At the time, you could get a Revised Dual land for between $4 and $6 depending on condition, and Unlimited one for a few dollars more.

Little did he know that within a year or so the travesty that was the Chronicles set would descend upon the MTG world. One of WOTC’s biggest goofs in my opinion, just close to the overprinted and diluted Fallen Empires set. Suddenly, Storm Seeker was easy to find and cheap. The price of dual lands, however, has increased to this day until an Unlimited Tundra, even in poor condition is about the same price as a Storm Seeker was back then: $15. The lesson here is that card value can change drastically… so try base your purchases and trades on what you will use now AND in the future. Not on just plain old current valuation.