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Vodalian Knights
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When the 4th edition of Magic the Gathering came out, one of the things that I missed the most (besides Sol Rings and Braingeyser) were the Dual Lands. For awhile there, I had become known as the “Dual Land” master, capable of trading anything and everything for dual lands.

Some friends thought me nuts to give up so many good creatures for dual lands. But because Mox jewelry was slightly out of my price range at a lofty $50, dual lands suited me pretty well because I made a lot of 3, 4, and 5 color decks. Dual lands were pretty important, even if you played green and had Birds of Paradise.

Fallen Empires had been out for awhile, and I had a bunch of friends who had just started playing around that time. Knowing that there weren’t going to be any dual lands, I tried to get my hands on as many as possible. I tried not to “cheat” these newer, creature happy magic players out of anything, but one of them insisted on trading for my Vodalian Knights, which is admittedly one of the better blue cards out of Fallen.

I think they were making a deck with 4 of them and they needed one more. So I asked what they had and they produced several cards including the Scrubland. “I don’t know what that card is good for,” he said. “I know it’s a rare and all, but I don’t even play black. You can have that if you want.”

Needless to say, it was one of the better rare for a rare trades that I’ve made.