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Hi everyone - after a lot of thought, we’ve decided to permanently archive The Paper Arts website. We just didn’t have any more time to talk about and review all the wonderful paper items coming out. It was a wonderful idea and we had a lot of fun meeting different online folks, but we are no longer are able to update on a regular basis.

All the old posts, reviews and pages will live on, but they will be converted into static files. As such, some functionality may be missing, but hopefully the site will serve some useful purpose for people looking for particular paper items.

Bryan - Paper Arts Admin

Snapload Album - The Paper Arts at BloglanderOK, we haven’t updated in quite awhile here on The Paper Arts. But I wanted to get some posts up before the holiday rush starts. Yep, it’s already time to start looking for gifts for the Holidays! Maybe this year things won’t be as “jolly” due to the economy weighing on everyone’s mind. It’s important to watch your budget while gift shopping.

However, there are any number of cheaper crafty things that can make cheap gifts. One idea is to give a simple memory book or scrapbook. I like these basic scrapbook albums from Snapload - they are nicely designed yet sufficiently generic to serve multiple purposes. The albums have a memo pocket page, 10 top loading page protectors and can accomodate up to 300 pages. They come in black, red, purple and blue colors. They are photo-safe and suitable for archival uses. Might be a nice cheap gift for someone who’s interested in scrapbooking.

Snapload Scrapbook Cloth Album -
available at is running a special coupon where you can get 40% off of one regularly priced item online. I know that if you signup for their physical mailing list you’ll get these coupons regularly, but this is in case you need to get more than one thing. Plus, it’s online for those who aren’t near a Joann store or just don’t want to drive out (gas prices these days!)

I had actually thought this coupon expired in a week or so, but I don’t seem to see the expiration date any longer - perhaps they renewed it temporarily.

40% Off the Regular Price of One Item at (Code: JUNA840)

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking - Paper Arts at BloglanderI’ve been interested in this enormous 320 page Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking for awhile now. From Creating Keepsakes (the folks who do the magazine under the same name), this book is meant as a ref guide for both beginner and advanced scrapbook artists. There are a ton of different techniques, sample layouts, embellishment ideas and descriptions of tools to use.

Some of the techniques they talk about include photo adhesion tips, how to crop photos, how to title items in the scrapbooks, paper trimming techniques and tips on cutting out shapes and using templates.

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Tissue Paper Craft - The Paper Arts at BloglanderWhoops, here we go with Martha Stewart Crafts again… can’t seem to stay away from their products lately. These delicate, handmade flower cards can be created with the simple kit provided - this one features cherry blossoms which would be a nice touch for weddings or thank you notes. the kit comes with 8 cards / envelopes as well as 128 paper tissue cherry blossoms that you can stick onto the cards individually.

Tissue Paper Flower Card - Martha Stewart Crafts

Cricut Personal Cutter - Paper Arts at Bloglander

I’ve been eyeing this Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter from Provo Craft for awhile now ever since seeing it at Joann’s. At a price entry point of just under $200 and a fairly compact size of around 18 x 10 x 13 inches, this seems like a good way to upgrade from smaller die cutters to a more professional version without completely breaking the bank (there are plenty of cutters starting at $300 and up to nearly $1000).

Most people will be pleased with the fact that you don’t have to buy all the individual designs like you would if you wanted to get manual cutters (By Sizzix and Quickutz for example) for everything.

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Iota Groovy Notecards • 4/16/08

Groovy Foldover Iota Notecards - Paper Arts at Bloglander

More groovy Iota goodness for you. These “Foldover” notecards are a bit quirky and colorful without going over the top. They are a longer size at 3 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches and each package contains 9 of them along with matching envelopes.

I actually think this comes as a 2-pack of 9 at Amazon…

Iota Groovy Foldover Notecards
available at

Mike Lowery • 4/1/08

Mike Lowery - The Paper Arts at Bloglander

I came across some cool pattern designs by Mike Lowery today. After I chose the above pattern to show (very cool because of the vintage synths), I realized that I didn’t know if it was actually printed on paper or just a pattern. Nevertheless, on his site he does sell original drawing artwork that is along the same lines of the wonderful patterns I saw. So if you like the patterns, you’ll probably enjoy his artwork too.

Visit: Mike Lowery (Argyle Academy)

Scrapbook Designer Workbook - Paper Arts at BloglanderWow, in case you haven’t noticed there are a TON of design books for Scrapbook making out there. They range from everything from beginner focused books to “professional” designer guides. The Scrapbook Designers Workbook: Unlocking the Secrets to Great Page Design reference by Kari Hansen tends to fall into the latter category and that’s one reason why I’m mentioning it here.

That’s because there’s a proliferation of beginner books that don’t focus on design at all out there. So it’s nice to see something that’s meant to teach at least basic principles of design. The book goes into color theory and palette choice concepts and gives pointers on what a professionally designed scrapbook might look like.

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Tiny Party - Paper Arts at Bloglander

I was all set to post about an interesting “Monkey Party In A Box” kit from Martha Stewart Crafts, but when I went to look at the item it turns out they’ve taken it out. But I did find this “Tiny Party In A Box Kit - For Eight” which is very similar. These are paper toys and accessories but they seem like they’d be a lot of fun for kids who like paper crafts. The kit has miniature invitations, party gift bags, favor boxes and stickers. Then it has complete 8 person “place settings” for the actual party including forks, knives, spoons, napkins, cups and party hats. It would be super fun if the kids had to come up with real miniature food as well to go with the tiny party place settings.

Tiny Party In A Box Kit - For Eight
Available at

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