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4/26/05 | 2:14 pm | Solution: Giant Spark

You are all insanely fast Scavengeroogles. That is all I have to say. The spark was not the hardest clue, though I bet it would have been really tough if I didn’t give out the name of the city. Regarding, what the “spark” is … I dunno the nature of it. Jason notes:

I found 2 others of these sunlight glints in the area before I found the one you had

Funny, yeah I noticed that too while surfing around the area. It seems like some sort of glare spot, though I wonder how that happens. I have also seen many google map blurps that really do look like defects and not glare, but they are often visible on the maps pretty high up, like 11/15 or something.

Solution to “Giant Spark”

2 Responses to “Solution: Giant Spark”

  1. joe r Says:

    I belive the spark is an effect of the sun reflecting off of something like a skylight window or such.

  2. Chris Says:

    The glint could also be sunlight reflecting off of an aircraft. Most larger airplanes have polished, aluminum hulls. This explanation would also account for the linear (not spherical, like those created by lens/aperature issues) distortion of the glint in the picture, as the object may have been moving quickly during the exposure.